Woefkesranch, 100% Belgian pups for sale!

Woefkesranch is a Belgian, family and professional dog breeding.

Our goal is to unite our puppies with owners who share our canine passion.

ALL our puppies are identified with a microchip.

Vaccinated at least 2 times and dewormed several times with different deworming products.

From 8 weeks our puppies are allowed to leave their litter and they are provided with a Belgian / European passport.

With us, you will only find Belgian puppies,

99% was born with us, so we can stand behind the health 100% of our puppies.

Are you looking for a puppy and do you share our passion for dogs?

Visit our Ranch, or call us for more information.

How reliable is your dog's origin?

Which dogs do we breed?

We only have puppies that were born with us in our Belgian breeding. You can find the dog breeds that we breed with our dog breeds. We breed with the following breeds:

Our team


Erik Verschueren


Marleen Dyck


Dries Verschueren


Wannes Verschueren