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American Cocker Spaniël

  • Information about the American Cocker Spaniël
    Here you find all the 
    information about the American Cocker Spaniël, like his character, appearance, grooming,…

  • Available American Cocker Spaniël puppies
    Here you find all the pictures of our available American cocker Spaniël puppies. The refence numbers refer to the microchip of the puppies.

  • Reserve an American Cocker Spaniël puppy
    Have you chosen your puppy? Do not hesitate and reserve here! 
    Are you looking for a puppy for a later period? No problem, reserve now and you have the first choice of the litter.

  • Movies of our American Cocker Spaniël puppies
    These are the movies of the puppies we currently have available, as well as movies of our previous litters.

  • Archive of American Cocker Spaniëls
    Here you will find old pictures and movies. Please note that these puppies already found a great owner and are no longer for sale.

  • For more information, contact us!
    If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone (+32)015/75.59.42

  • References of our American Cockers
    Read the emails we receive daily from our customers who bought a puppy. Here you will find pictures of puppies and adult dogs, stories about the new home of the puppies and experiences of the new owners. Have you bought a puppy in our kennel, than we like to hear from you!

  • Puppy package for our American Cockers
    This puppy package is especially put together for all American Cocker puppies, it has everything you’re puppy desire…

  • 10% discount coupon on the accessories
    Print this receipt and get 10% discount on the material. Have a look at our webshop, so you get an idea of what we have.

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    Click here and become a fan of “Woefkesranch – American Cocker Spaniël”, here you find references of customers and also pictures and movies of our availible puppies. If you are a “fan”, you always receive the latest pictures and videos of our American Cocker Spaniël puppies.

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