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American Akita Inu

The American Akita, or Akita Inu is a dog breed developed in Japan. The breed was original developed as a hunting dog, but now he has become a fine, though spunky, family dog. A similar dog breed is the Shiba Inu, almost the same dog but smaller. Classification according to the AKC The Akita Inu…

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Which dog suits me?

If you want to buy a dog, it is best not to go ice cream overnight. After all, there are several factors, including your budget, home, leisure activities and experience with dogs, which you should think about before choosing a puppy in the kennel. We go through the most important points with you. What if you have…

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The price of a labradoodle

A labradoodle is more expensive than the average purebred dog, because labradoodles are quite rare. You need several generations to get a real labradoodle. In addition to the purchase costs, you must also take into account food costs, veterinarians, training and toys. Everyone has a different income and expenditure pattern and will adapt this to the dog . Some want…


What is the life expectancy of a beagle?

All dog breeds are given a general life expectancy number. One must remember that this is the average age. It depends quite a bit on genetics… If a certain dog carries hereditary health issues this will affect life span quite a bit.  Also, how an owner cares for his/her Beagle will greatly affect the life…


What is the average size of a beagle?

A full-grown beagle male will be between 10 kg and 11 kg and with a height of between 36-41 cm. A female beagle is mostly smaller and will be between 9-11 kg and with a height of between 33-38 cm. Of course, if your beagle is to fat, it will be some kg more.


Where to find a Beagle breeder?

You are looking for Beagle breeders but you cannot find the trees anymore because of the forest? After reading this article you will know where to buy a Beagle! You have different types of Beagle breeders, the different breeders will be further discussed in detail. Professional Beagle breeders The professional Beagle breeder breeds beagles on…

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Character of a Dachshund

The Dachshund is a robust and courageous dog. He has great stamina and a unique character. The Dachshund is independent, combative, and tries to dominate other dogs. His habit of barking at the slightest noise makes him a good watchdog . De Teckel is affectionate and cheerful, but demands a lot of attention and is often jealous. The short-haired variety is the most energetic , while…

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Adopting A Dog: Building A Doghouse

Once decided on adopting a dog, the next step to take is the type of doghouse that you will need. The doghouse depends on the dog breed that you want. Dogs grow very fast and allowances must be taken to ensure that the doghouse will shelter the dog when it is full-grown. The Doghouse Type…

Information dog breeds

History of the Siberian Husky

The famous gold rush to the Klondike district in Alaska at the end of the 19th century has brought to light various talented and talented characters.The reputation of the American writer of adventure novels and animal stories Jack London (1876-1916), for example, is inextricably linked to that period. The same applies to the fate of the…