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German Shepherd

What is the price of a German Shepherd?

The price of a German Shepherd pup is between 550 and 795 euro The price of a German Shepherd pup depends on: availability age color Call us for the current prices: (+32)015 75 59 42 Available pups Sometimes you find on sellingsites (kapaza, marktplaats, vivastreet, etc…) german shepherd pups at very low prices. Most of…

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We no longer sell Boxers.Do you prefer a healthy Belgian dog above an imported dog? Then choose a breed in our breeding! The breed that most closely resembles a Boxer is a French bulldog. Behavior and habitat The Boxer has an exceptional innate courage and strength. Both qualities he inherited from his ancestor, the Bullenbeisser….

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American Cocker Spaniël

We don’t sell American Cocker dogs anymore. Now we only breed all our dogs our self and have made a selection of breeds. We recommend the Beagle as a similar breed. Short Description Breedgroup: Pointing Dogs & SpanielsNature: cheerful, lively, softAverage Life: 12 yearsShoulder height: between 36-38cmWeight: 10-12 kgCoat: Beige and other colorsConstruction: Pet and dog showDealing with kids: ExcellentDealing with other dogs: Very goodLiving…

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Husky Behavior Problem – Owners Beware

Siberian Huskies have unique traits and characteristics … loving, gentle, social, casual, keen, playful, happy-go-lucky, independent … very fond of their families … a great family dog. They are very intelligent and can be trained. Huskies are great with children and friendly with strangers. Not good watch dogs as they do not bark … they…

Siberian husky

 About the Siberian Husky

Many people find that the dogs of the Siberian Husky breed are beautiful. You may wonder if the Siberian Husky dog is the right pet for your family. For a family with children the dogs of this particular breed have the following characteristics of affectionate and action-friendly. The original breeders in Siberia kept these dogs…

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The Chihuahua-Beagle Mix

The Beagle Chihuahua mix, also called “Cheagle”, is a very brave and dignified dog. Like a Chihuahua, he believes he can handle everything and sometimes he behaves like he’s ready to take a bulldog down! Jealous and protective around his loved ones, he likes and requires a lot of attention. These dogs are generally great…

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How to Control Your Siberian Husky’s Barking

Stop Your Siberian Husky’s Barking Is your Siberian Husky barking too much? Does your husky bark so much you just don’t know what to do? You may already know that there are many different options you can take to help reduce your husky’s barking. Huskies are born to bark, making barking to them natural. It…