Dog beds and pillows for a Shiba Inu

As well as being an excellent hunting dog, the Shiba Inu adapts just as well to apartment life, provided you can exercise. In addition, it is a particularly clean animal, so the choice of its litter is very important.

A dog bed for a Shiba Inu should have a length of 80 to 100 cm.

For my shiba, pillow or dog bed?

Your Shiba Inu deserves a berth that offers it the necessary comfort. Indeed, like most dogs, he likes to have his own space. If he doesn’t have it, he will quickly tend to take refuge under tables, beds or couches. In this environment he feels more reassured and protected. Otherwise, a good bed prevents disturbed sleep and back pain. There are therefore different options as a dog bed, but the most popular are the pillow and the dog bed. In either case, they must provide him with the comfort and protection insurance he needs.

When choosing one or the other, it is necessary to take into account its length and width. In addition to the choice of the type of berth itself, it is also necessary to take into account the material used to create it. In addition, it is important to observe the Shiba’s habits to know whether he prefers to sleep lying down or in a ball. In general, it must still be admitted that, like the others, this dog prefers the dog beds to the pillows.

How do you choose a dog bed?

Yes Shiba’s prefer dog beds over pillows. This is because the dog beds have sides against which they can nestle. However, it is important to consider the size of your Shiba when choosing a dog bed. Indeed, it should not feel cramped and your dog should be able to stretch too. On the other hand, the dog bed shouldn’t be too big either, because that wouldn’t give him the “protective shelter” feeling he loves so much. This berth is ideal, especially if your dog likes to curl up.

The other important aspect to choose is the material. Remember at this level that plastic is recommended if it is a puppy. Remember indeed that at this age discipline is not their forte and he quickly looted his dog bed. However, the plastic baskets are very resistant and easy to clean, therefore more hygienic. When the dog is an adult, you can replace the plastic with a dog bed lined with leather or soft faux fur.

There are also wicker dog beds, but they are rather not recommended. It is true that they provide better ventilation, but their branches deteriorate over time and can injure your pet. Several cases of perforated stomachs were counted because the dogs had swallowed the cane branches. In addition, the dust gets stuck there and it is not pleasant to clean them at all.

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How do you choose your dog pillow?

The pillow should be soft and comfortable to keep warm. You should also consider his size and so should be slightly larger than him so that he can stretch without exceeding it. Otherwise he cannot accept it. Some pillows have covers that can be replaced for washing. Others are waterproof and can be washed directly. In addition, the pillow is more suitable for your companion if he prefers to lie down with his whole body.

The preferred materials are cotton, fleece or nylon. The disadvantages, which can be avoided with the foam cushions. Know that in case your Shiba eat it, it could not digest it and it would make his stomach swell. Suffice it to say that the consequences could be fatal for him. In general, a poor quality pillow can deform quickly and become uncomfortable quickly. In addition, the pillows are more practical for travel.

If you are in doubt between a dog bed and a pillow, keep in mind that you can always make a compromise by choosing both. Indeed, it is possible and recommended to put a pillow in a dog bed, especially if it is made of plastic. Finally, the cushion and/or plastic must be installed in a suitable location. It can be a corner protected from drafts, but also premature passages. Otherwise they may disturb them, while his hiding place must be his resting place. Finally, it should not be placed in an area that is too isolated so as not to feel abandoned.

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