What is the average size of a beagle?

Knowing the adult size is a must before buying a dog. So you know what to expect from the dog. A lightweight dog is easier to travel with. The size of a beagle is in between, small enough for traveling but sturdy enough for a good walk.

A full-grown beagle male will be between 10 kg and 11 kg and with a height of between 36-41 cm.

The size of a female beagle is mostly smaller and will be between 9-11 kg and with a height of between 33-38 cm.

Of course, if your beagle is to fat, it will be some kg more. Here you can find a beagle diet plan.

Beagle size, a sturdy dog

The medium size dogs like a beagle are more sturdy than large or small breeds. That make them ideal pets for a long walk.

Beagles are also easy for traveling. Because their size you can still lift the dog and transport it if needed.

beagle size

When is a beagle full grown?

beagle is full-grown between the age of 1,5 year and 2 years.

The first year he will grow in height. Then he will develop muscles and fat, so he will grow in width.

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