Beagle Training – How To Select A Beagle That Will Be Easy To Train!

When you are trying to find a pet Beagle you naturally will be looking for one that will be a good friend for you, but you surely will want one that can be easily trained. When you are working with a Beagle that can be obedience trained quite easily, it will make your job much easier when you are house training it and teaching it simple manners. While a Beagle that is stubborn can pose some problems in training, they can be trained by someone who is experienced in Beagle handing. But, if you are just getting started with Beagle training, you would do better to find one that is quick to learn. When scouring local Beagle breeders for this type of Beagle, there are a few things that you should look for in personality, breed and age.


A common thought is that a calmer Beagle is going to be a lot easier to train. Although it is probably easier to hold this type of Beagle’s attention, an exuberant, hyper Beagle can also be easy to train if you have some patience. The key is to take home a Beagle that bonds with you. When you bond with a Beagle and that Beagle is constantly all over you because it thinks of you as a more important member of its family, it will enthusiastically do anything that you ask. A Beagle that is bonded to its owner is very simple to train, regardless of whether it is hyper or placid, submissive or dominant.

A submissive Beagle will usually exhibit fewer problems in training than a dominant one will. To discover if your companion is submissive, look him or her in the eyes. If that puppy looks away first, that shows submission. With a Beagles puppy, hold it and turn it over so that its belly is up. A submissive Beagle will just stay there and allow you to turn them over. A dominant Beagle will resist you, trying to turn over.


The old saying is that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick and a lot of folks believe that adult Beagles cannot be trained, but that is far from the truth. Many adult Beagles learn even faster than puppies. Adult Beagles often have a better ability to concentrate on learning than puppies, and they are more settled. Adult Beagles can make great pets and can prove to be very easy to train which is a good case to support rescues.

When you look for a Beagle, look for one that clicks with you. If you find the Beagle that you can bond with, it will make your training so much easier.


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