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8 Puppy potty training tips – Housebreaking your puppy

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A new puppy brings great joy, but potty training puppies can lead to frustration.Puppy potty accidents start your relationship off on the wrong paw. Without the right training, he won’t know how to please you.

Dogs can be potty trained at any age, but puppies learn much more quickly than adults. Puppies are so cute that owners forgive puppy-size accidents, but adult-size deposits aren’t cute and often lose the grown-up pet his home.


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dog-training – housebreaking-issues

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The process of housebreaking often brings on feelings of nervousness and worry, but the process does not have to be stressful—for you or the puppy.

The truth is this is a situation in which you have Mother Nature working with you right from the start while puppy training. When the puppies are first born, they eat and they relieve themselves inside the den, but the mother always cleans them. There is never a scent of urine or feces where the puppies eat, sleep, and live. When they get old enough, they learn to use outside areas as they imitate their mother. read more


American bully, combination of a Stafford and a Bulldog

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American Bully

Description of the American Bully

The American Bully is a combination of a bulldog and American Staffordshire Terrier. Depending on the bloodlines the combination may vary. It is not a pure cross between an English Bulldog and American Staffordshire Terriers, but a ‘race’ bred through years of character and reliability. Depending on the descendant it may even be that there are to be found in the French Bulldog ancestors. The combination with Bulldog dogs they get a very stable character, which is suitable for just about all people and not to forget children. The American Bully is a perfect family dog, and should not be used for combat, despite they have the appearance of a strong, sharp and dangerous dog .. read more

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