Information dog breeds

American stafford

Information about the American Stafford We don’t sell American stafford anymore. Maybe you are interested in related breeds Inhoud1 Alternative Names2 Country of Origin3 History of the American Stafford4 Physical Description4.1 General4.2 Head4.3 Jaws4.4 Teeth4.5 Ears4.6 Eays4.7 Body4.8 Legs4.9 Feet4.10 Tail4.11 Coat4.12 Color5 Height6 Weight7 Behavior and habitat7.1 Temperament8 Care American Staffordshire Terriër9 Activity Level10 Best…

Information dog breeds

Danish dog

Info The Danish Dog is an excellent watchdog. His impressive shape is very frightening, that’s why this dog absolutely needs large places. He doesn’t like the city at all. The education has to happen in time, as well with harshness as with softness. Because he is very attached to his family, this dog is the…

Information dog breeds

Shiz Tzu

Shiz-TzuOriginally the Shiz-Tzu was a descendant of the Lhasa Apso. Just like many other Eastern dogs the move with dignity and with pride.The Shiz-Tzu is very intelligent and pending. Through his independent character and excellent mood, he copes very well with other pets. He also loves to be around kids.  The weight of this small…