Border Collie, information about the breed

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Description of the Border Collie

border collie

Border Collie males reach a height of 53 cm at the withers. The bitches remain slightly smaller. Border collies should be harmoniously built. Their silhouette should be graceful. The Border Collie should radiate that he is easily able to be active for long periods of time. The Border Collie should have good stamina and be fast. Their bodies should be moderately long with well arched ribs; a deep and fairly broad chest. They should have a broad and strong back and a well-muscled loin. The color of the coat: black and white, tricolor, blue and red merle, blue-white, lilac-white, sable, aus. red-white. The white color should never dominate.

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Character and temperament

The Border Collie is a very intelligent and responsive dog. He excels in obedience and agility. They are very sensitive and excellent trainable. The Border Collies are often used in agility competitions. The Border Collie is very energetic and has great stamina. They like plenty of activity and plenty of exercise. The Border Collie likes to be with other dogs and children. The Border Collie can become aggressive with other dogs of the same sex. They need to get used to other small pets, but there are plenty of Border Collies who live with a family of cats. This breed must be socialized as a puppy to avoid shyness.
To become really happy to give this dog constant attention and daily extensive exercise and have a job to do. For those who want a super sports dog; the Border Collie is a godsend. They excel in various sports such as: agility skills, obedience, and shepherd help. The Border Collie is the leader in all sports. They are perfectionists with a determination to please. This breed lives for presentation.
They are not ideal for people who do not have much time. These dogs are too intelligent to lie around and do nothing all day. Prospective owners looking for a regular family pet should consider a different breed. If there is not enough activity, they will find something to occupy themselves. They can become very destructive if they get bored or ignored. Border collies can become neurotic if left alone for long periods of time , leading to behavioral problems. They do best with an experienced owner who has plenty of time for the dog.


Height: Male: 48-56 cm, bitch: 46-53 cm
Weight: Male: 14-20 kg, bitch: 12-19 kg

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Living conditions

The Border Collie is not recommended for apartment life. They are very active indoors. This dog breed is not suited to a backyard life.
Exercise alone is not enough for this intelligent and highly energetic dog. They want to work and perform various tasks. They should also be taken on a long, brisk daily walk. It is a joy to watch them chasing a ball or herding sheep.

Life expectancy

12 to 15 years


The Border Collie needs regular brushing and brushing to keep the coat shiny. Extra attention is needed when the soft and dense undercoat is shed. Bathe or shampoo only when necessary. Check the ears and fur regularly for ticks.


The border collie originated in northern England along the border with Scotland—hence the name border collie (border = border).

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