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We don’t sell Bull terriers any more. We only have dogs bred in our ranch. Do you want a puppy born in Belgium, we suggest taking a look at our breeds. Bull terrier clients may also like a Beagle or American bully.

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Alternative Names:

Bullies, bull and terrier 

Country of Origin:

Great Britain 


The Bull Terrier was established in about 1835 by James Hinks, probably by mating the bulldog to the now-extinct white English terrier, then by crossing this mix with a Spanish pointer. It was originally known as a bull and terrier. It was used to bait bulls and in pit fights. Although it was known as a fierce dog fighter, it was not supposed to provoke a fight. 

Physical Description:

The Bull Terrier is a muscular, medium-size dog with a distinctive egg-shaped head. The nose is black and its dark eyes are small, triangular shaped, and sunken. The ears are close together, small and naturally erect. The body is rounded with a deep, broad chest and well boned legs. The tail is short and tapered. It has a short, smooth coat, which is white with occasional dark markings on the head or any color with or without white markings. The preferred color is brindle. 


21 to 22 inches 


45 to 65 pounds 


The bull terrier is friendly, playful and affectionate with humans. It is a good guard and very lively and busy. It may be aggressive toward other animals. If not well socialized it can be food and toy possessive and reactive to provocation.Socialized bull terriers do fine with children and small animals, but two males generally will not get along. Activity Level:High Best Owner:The bull terrier does best with an experienced, active family or individual with time for it. It can adapt to a rural, suburban or city home. 

Special Needs:

Firm training, inclusion in family activities, one-on-one exercise, socialization and supervision.
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