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Buy a Dachshund puppie, adopt, adoption

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Do you want to buy a Dachshund?
Are you interested in a Dachshund puppies or are you looking for an adult Dachshund?
Do you want a short-haired, rough-haired or long-haired?
A boy or a girl?
Do you want a dog from a shelter or do you choose a breeder of a Dwarf Dachshund?
This website provides useful information if you are looking for a Dachshund puppy from a trusted Dachshund breeder

Dachshund puppies or adult dog
Are you looking to buy a puppy?
Do you like Dachshunds and would you like to buy a puppy from an Approved Dachshund breeder?
Then keep in mind that you need time to train these puppies.
If you want to buy a puppy it is intended that you pay enough attention and time to the upbringing.
Are you looking for adult dogs for sale?
If you are more interested in an adult dog, there is a chance that the dog may need a re-education because he may have learned something the wrong way.
A dog school is then an ideal solution.

Look at pictures of our Dachshund puppies

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Buy healthy Dachshund dog!
The most important thing is that your Dachshund is healthy. Do you know the horror stories of sick puppies and exhausted breeding females that are exploited by bread breeders? Caution and common sense are not a superfluous luxury if you want to buy a nice, healthy Dachshund. Choose a recognized breeder. Visit Woefkesranch, specializing in Dachshunds. Buy your Dwarf Dachshund with puppy guarantee.

There are different categories of Dachshund Breeders:
• occasional breeders (a maximum of 2 litters of dogs and 2 litters of cats per year), which must not be recognized at this time
• from 3 litters of cats or 3 litters of dogs per year: the hobby breeders, the professional breeders and the breeders-traders, all of whom must be recognized.
Always ask for a puppy guarantee when purchasing your puppy. This is a two-year warranty period. If your dog falls ill or dies within a period of two years, the seller is obliged to reimburse you (since 2004 in accordance with the Civil Code).
If the seller does not want to give you a 2-year guarantee certificate, then definitely do NOT buy the animal from such a seller.

Buy your Dachshund @ Woefkesranch

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