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The Siberian Husky is a dog that has great stamina and is a sled dog at heart.

husky-32 What is the character of a Siberian Husky?

The Siberian Husky is unsuitable as a watchdog or farm dog because he is not suspicious of strangers. A Siberian Husky is a pack animal and he loves to have company, the more people or dogs the more fun it is.

He is affectionate and sociable as a companion dog, but it is often difficult to keep a Husky alone. Most people buy a second one sooner or later, or buy two dogs at once. A Siberian Husky should be able to play and he prefers to do that with a companion. It is beautiful to see how they react to each other and hang in each other’s furs. He is playful until his old age. The average age for a Husky is around 12 years old.

They need a lot of exercise and space and love to walk and cycle with you.

If these dogs have to spend their lives in an apartment, the latter will be destroyed faster than it was built.

If you want to teach the Husky something, you will have to act decisively and consistently. In addition, you must have a lot of patience and insight into the polar dog character. A Husky will only obey when he himself sees the usefulness of a command. His hunting instinct is very well developed, so it is better to keep him on a leash. He goes on an adventure differently and because he can run fast he soon disappears behind the horizon. When you call, he does hear you, but thinks the things he is doing at that moment are more important and usually doesn’t come!

Come and see the sled dogs at competitions, but don’t be tempted to buy such a dog without asking advice from a recognized breeder or musher!

Sled dogs are not only beautiful, fantastically beautiful dogs to look at, they are animals that you learn to respect because of their perseverance and unconditional trust, commitment and diligence but it is certainly not for everyone!

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