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Do you own a dog? Then you also want the best for your four-legged friend, right? If you have a pet, you know that this is accompanied by a number of fixed costs such as food, vaccinations, a visit to the vet… But have you also considered the unforeseen costs? What if your dog suddenly becomes (seriously) ill or is involved in an accident? Then the costs of the vet or the costs of the necessary treatments can be high. If your dog has to be operated on, you will soon pay € 500 – € 900. For these unforeseen veterinary costs and/or treatment costs, you could rely on dog insurance.

What is dog insurance?

As the name of this insurance describes it, you  insure your dog  with the dog insurance . It protects your best friend, the  cost  of the  vet  or the  costs  associated with  treatment  to be reimbursed. Please note that these costs must be  related  to an  illness  or an  accident . Costs as a result of a vet visit for vaccinations or a regular check-up are not reimbursed by the dog insurance.

At the moment,  Corona Direct is  one of the few providers of dog insurance on the Belgian market. Independent of the chosen formula of Corona Direct (Bronze, Silver or Gold), as the owner of the dog (= policyholder) you pay an  exemption per claim  (= personal contribution towards the costs of treatments). This means that you have to pay 20% of the costs yourself, with a minimum amount of € 100 being taken into account.

Here are  some examples :

Example 1: Suppose your dog needs surgery and the invoice is € 900, then you will receive a refund of € 720 (after submitting the invoice). You pay 20% of the costs yourself = € 180.

Example 2: Suppose your dog is hit by a car and at first sight your dog seems to have nothing. To be sure, take your dog to the vet for a check-up. In total you pay € 200 to the vet for the examinations. In that case, you will not receive a refund of € 160 (= 80%) from the dog insurance, but € 100, since a minimum amount of € 100 applies to the exemption.

dog insurance

What does dog insurance cover?

As mentioned earlier, at Corona Direct you can choose between different formulas: Bronze, Silver or Gold.  As a basic guarantee ,  each formula provides  cover  for  veterinary costs  or  veterinary treatments  if these costs are  associated  with an  illness  or  accident .

If you opt for a more extensive formula  (Silver or Gold), the dog insurance  provides many more covers:

  • If your  dog dies  as a result of an  illness  or  accident . Then you will receive a  compensation  equal to the purchase price of your dog. The purchase price of your dog is always included in the special terms and conditions of the agreement. There is also a maximum amount that will be paid out. If you have taken out the Silver formula, a maximum of € 400 will be reimbursed. If you subscribe to Gold, a maximum of €750 will be reimbursed.
    Please note: if your four-legged friend is 6 years or older and dies of an illness, no compensation will be paid. If your dog is already old and he/she dies as a result of an accident, you will receive compensation.
  • Has your  dog  suddenly  disappeared or been stolen ? Then you can appeal to your dog insurance for the  advertising costs  to find your dog. You must inform the insurer in advance of this search and receive written approval. As soon as you have received this, you can recover the advertising costs from the insurer provided you provide the insurer with an invoice. Additionally reimbursed dog insurance also the  finder’s fee  (= reward). The finder cannot be anyone in your family or someone you live with. Here too, a maximum of € 400 to € 750 is reimbursed.
  • Your  dog  has been  missing for over 45 days . Reason: your dog has run away and you can no longer find him/her or your dog has been stolen. If you have reported this to the police within 24 hours, you can be compensated for the loss of your dog (maximum € 400 to € 750).
  • Are you or someone in your family out of action for a while and is an admission of  more than 4 days in hospital  necessary? Did you know that you can invoke dog insurance? If you or someone in your family is hospitalized for more than 4 days, the insurer will provide a reimbursement for the reception costs (maximum € 400 to € 750 per calendar year!).
    Attention: if someone is hospitalized because of a medical condition that was already known at the time of taking out, a birth or a pregnancy, … Then the dog insurer will not intervene, the care costs of your dog will not be reimbursed.
  • What if you like your  holidays  have  been made  and  seven days before your departure , your  dog  a  vital operation  must  undergo ? Then you can invoke  travel cancellation cover . In that case, the insurer provides an allowance of a maximum of €750 to €2,000 per calendar year for the cancellation costs that you have not been able to reclaim.
Corona Direct BronzeCorona Direct SilverCorona Direct Gold
Maximum refund€1500€ 2500€3500
Compensation in the event of death due to illness or accidentNo€400€750
Compensation in case of theft or lossNo€400€750
Reimbursement for advertising costs if your dog runs awayNo€400€750
childcare feeno€400€750
Compensation for trip cancellation due to illness or accidentno€750€2000

More information about the basic coverage (Bronze) and the more extensive coverage (Silver and Gold), can be found in the general terms and conditions of the dog insurer (Corona Direct).

What doesn’t it cover?

To be able to take out insurance for your dog, your dog must always be officially registered. If your dog is officially registered by your vet, then your dog has a dog passport. In addition, it is also important that your dog has received the required vaccinations, if this is not the case, you cannot take out dog insurance

When you take out dog insurance, there are a  number of things that are not covered . All exclusions can also be found in the general terms and conditions of the insurer. Here are a few examples of things that are not covered by dog ​​insurance:

  • Ordinary costs  of a  vet visit  (not as a result of an illness or accident)
  • If your  dog becomes ill within 20 days  after you have taken out the dog insurance, you cannot invoke the dog insurance. If your  dog becomes ill 20 days after the start  of the agreement, the costs for treatment etc. will be covered. .
  • Vaccinations  your dog will not be refunded. If your dog is vaccinated, you as the owner of the dog pay these costs yourself.
  • Neutering or spaying  your  dog  is not covered unless it is medically necessary for your dog’s well-being or you have received prior approval from the insurer.
  • Organ transplant
  • Behavioral problems and parenting counseling.
  • Consequences of a disease against which your dog could be vaccinated, such as hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus and distemper.

Calculate the price of a dog insurance online

Do you also want the best for your dog? Don’t be surprised by unexpected circumstances, such as your dog suddenly becomes seriously ill or breaks his/her leg. You also want your dog to receive the necessary treatments and these costs can unfortunately be high. Calculate the price of a dog insurance quickly and easily and protect your dog against the unexpected.Calculate the Corona Direct dog insurance online

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