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Short description Boxer:

Breedgroup: Dachshund Dogs
Intelligent, lively, cheerful, courageous
Average Life:
12 years


Standard Boxer:

A sturdy, compact build, giving the impression of quality without coarseness. A cheerful dog, courageous, shows much activity, stamina and determination. Alert, intelligent and with an even temperament. Friendly nature, showing no aggression or shyness.


History Boxer:

The Boxer is of British origin. Boxers are among the hunting dogs with their keen sense for detecting the wild for hunters. Like the name "briquet" in France, "Boxer" was the name in England for dogs that do not belong to an established breed and what their appearance concerns are often not very uniform but had some of convergence.


Behavior and Habitat:

Chasing a rabbit or a hare from a hedge is typically for a Boxer. He is carried away by his natural passion for hunting and defies all. He is much better suited to move through thick underbrush and briars than larger hunting dogs.


Nutrition Boxer:

Our Boxer puppies get Denkadog Diner in the morning and evening and in the afternoon Eukanuba Lamb & Rice.


Care Boxer:

A Boxer does not need much care because of his short hair. Regular combing is sufficient. This is done with a damp cloth or a rubber glove.


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