The meaning of the name Shiba Inu

The translation of ‘ Shiba Inu ‘ is indeed ‘ crippled wood dog ‘. The term ‘ Inu ‘ stands for ‘ dog ‘ and ‘ Shiba ‘ is Japanese for ‘ lame wood ‘.

shiba inu meaning

On the one hand, the lame wood could refer to the reddish-brown coloured fur of the breed, but on the other hand it can also be a reference to the woody slopes on which the Shiba Inu used to be frequently used for hunting. But there does not stop the discussion around the term ‘ Shiba ‘, because it appears that the word also exists in an old Nagano dialect, where it does not mean ‘ lame wood ‘, but ‘ small ‘. So let’s keep the church in the middle and say that the translation of Shiba Inu is a ‘ small crippled wood dog ‘. The origin of the Shiba Inu in Japan is now clear. It was when wild dogs ended up in the mountain regions on the islands of Japan, which took the history of the race its inception. The oldest ancestor of the Shiba Inu is the Nippon Inu. The latter is considered the breed from which all Kees dogs are born. And now we are working with our Japanese-Dutch lesson: Nippon is Japanese, yes Japan. Literally it means ‘ origin of the sun ‘.

Source: W O E F

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