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French Bulldog

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French Bulldog


Alternative Names:

Bouledogue Français

Country of Origin:



The French Bulldog was developed as a companion dog from the miniature bulldogs English lace workers brought to France with them when they emigrated in search of better jobs. The English dogs mated with local breeds and soon became popular in fashionable circles.

Physical Description:

The French Bulldog is a muscular, compact and heavily boned dog. Its head is large and square with an upturned nose and short, heavily wrinkled muzzle. The large, naturally erect, rounded ears are often described as batlike. The skin is soft and forms wrinkles at the head, neck and shoulders. The tail is naturally short and can be straight or screw. The short, fine coat may be brindle, fawn, white or brindle and white.


10 to 12 inches


18 to 28 pounds

This is an affectionate, stable and intelligent dog that can be stubborn. It gets along with most people, including strangers, children, and other animals. It tends to be a one-person dog.

Activity Level:

Best Owner:

This breed does well in a city or suburban home and makes a good companion for an elderly or sedentary person.

Special Needs:

Protection from heatstroke, supervision around water.

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