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German shepherd

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You are looking for a german shepherd? Here you can find more info about the dog breed.

German Shepherd

Alternate Names:

Alsatian, GSD, Deutscher Schaferhund

Country of Origin:



The German Shepherd dog is descended from old farm and herding dogs. A fairly new breed, it was developed in the early part of the twentieth century for herding and police and military use. It has been used as a guide and search and rescue dog and is a popular companion in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Physical Description:

The German Shepherd is a large, muscular dog that is longer than it is tall. It has large prick ears; a black nose; and dark, almond-shaped eyes. The neck is long and strong and the back slopes to the tail. The tail is set low and curves up slightly. The double coat has a short, dense undercoat and a straight, full outer coat, which may be slightly wavy. There is longer hair at the neck and thighs. The coat comes in a variety of colors, although some registries will not accept white dogs.


22 to 26 inches


60 to 140 pounds


The German Shepherd Dog is a self-confident, even-tempered dog. It is affectionate and playful with its friends and family but reserved with strangers, although it warms up quickly. It is intelligent and highly trainable. The German Shepherd Dog is good with children and most animals.

Activity Level:


Best Owner:

The German Shepherd Dog can adapt to city, suburban or rural life. It does best with an active family or individual who will provide it with ample exercise.

Special Needs:

Exercise, socialization, training.

German shepherd pups for sale

Currently no available puppies of this breed. You can call us for more info +32 (0) 15 75 59 42



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