Husky dogs for sale in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Husky dogs for sale in Belgium? Don’t look any further because we are husky breeders with pure bred husky puppy’s. And all the puppy’s we sell are born in our ranch.

Advantages of our husky puppies

  • Are puppies are born with us. Because this is better then imported dog from eastern Europe.
  • Our puppy’s are healthier then imported dogs.
  • You get 2 years of warranty, with written documents
  • All our puppy’s are complete. So they have there microchip. And they are dewormed multiple times and correct vaccinated. And they have a European passport, from Belgium.
  • You can call us 24/7 for important questions and problems.

In short, our husky dogs for sale are top quality!

husky dogs for sale
Archive photo of one of our puppies

Husky dogs for sale at the moment

For the husky puppies for sale at the moment, take a look at our available husky puppies. Or the slideshow below also has our husky dogs for sale.

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