Information about the Maltese

Country of Origin:



The Maltese dog is one of the many bichon breeds found in areas around the Mediterranean. It is believed to be at least two thousand years old and was kept as a companion by the nobility. Ancient authors often remarked on the beauty of the Maltese; the Greeks were so enamored with the breed that they even erected tombs for them. English travelers during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries brought examples home with them but the breed was not seen in the U.S. until the late nineteenth century.

Physical Description:

The Maltese dog is a small dog with a compact body that is equal in height and length. It has a medium-length head with a slightly rounded skull and a firm jaw. The nose is small and black. The eyes are dark and round and the drop ears are set low. The long plume of a tail is carried arched over the back. The single coat is silky and flat. It hangs to either side of the body from a center part. The long hair on the head is usually tied into a topknot. It is usually pure white but may have some light tan or lemon on the ears, although this isn’t desirable.


5 to 8 inches


4 to 7 pounds


The Maltese dog is a fearless dog that is trusting and gentle with friends but somewhat wary of strangers. It is affectionate and playful, although it may be prone to some anxiety. Dog training course

Activity Level:


Best Owner:

This breed makes a good pet for a family or individual in a city or suburban home. It does well in an apartment.

Special Needs:

Attention, grooming, socialization.

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Mails of our client with a maltese

  • Melita is jarig – 2 jaar

    Marleen en Wannes, Jazeker, zowel Martina als haar dochter Helena zijn Woefkesranch heel dankbaar voor Melita. Woefkesranch doet heel goed werk. Een hartelijke groet van Melita, Martina en Helena Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone Ooohhh, Zo is Martina NOOIT alleen 🙂 Zoveel gezelschap kunnen de kinderen nooit aan de oma geven  🙂 Wat hebben we toch Het bericht Melita is jarig – 2 jaar verscheen eerst op Woefkesranch: Tevreden Klanten mails.

  • Melita en Martina

    Het bericht Melita en Martina verscheen eerst op Woefkesranch: Tevreden Klanten mails.

  • Baloe en Finley Chi

    Gelukkige nieuwjaarswens van malchi  Baloe, maltezer Finley (pupje  van Snolle) en van hun baasjes. Het bericht Baloe en Finley Chi verscheen eerst op Woefkesranch: Tevreden Klanten mails.

  • Maltezer – Lola

    Bonsoir,     Merci pour Lola : elle est très heureuse et nous aussi !   Voici quelques photos.   Bien à vous,     Catherine       Provenance : Courrier pour Windows 10   Het bericht Maltezer – Lola verscheen eerst op Woefkesranch: Tevreden Klanten mails.

  • Bijou – Maltezer

    Beste, Dank je wel om bijou niet te vergeten. Ze is superlief en zo braaf. Een echt knuffeltje. In bijlage enkele foto’s. Groetjes, Pascale Verzonden vanaf Samsung-tablet. Het bericht Bijou – Maltezer verscheen eerst op Woefkesranch: Tevreden Klanten mails.

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