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Are you looking for a miniature poodle or poodle? We are a breeder of miniature poodles located in Belgium. All our puppy’s are born at our ranch. We don’t import dogs, what makes healthier puppy’s.

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Size of the miniature poodle

A miniature poodle has an adult height between 11 inch and 15 inches. And he weights between 14 and 16 pound.

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Many people have misconceptions about Poodles — that they look and act like “sissy” dogs.

That is one of the biggest myths in dogdom.

First, ignore the silly show-ring clips. Poodles can be clipped to look like normal dogs. Look at the Miniature Poodle in the photo — that’s my dog, Buffy. It takes me 15 minutes every 6 weeks to run over her coat with a handheld clipper and turn her into a shorthaired, normal-looking dog who is a snap to brush. (Poodles also have the advantage of being the lightest-shedding, most hypoallergenic of all coated breeds.)

Second, Miniature Poodles are miniature athletes. They excel in advanced obedience competition, where retrieving and jumping skills are required, and in agility (obstacle course) competitions, where they fly over and under and through the obstacles with a strength and grace that is breathtaking to watch.

I do need to mention the two different builds, though. The correct build for the breed is “square”, which means their legs are long enough that their height is approximately equal to their length. These Miniature Poodles are both elegant and athletic, moving with a light, springy gait.

a good Miniature Poodle is one of the smartest and most trainable of all breeds. He is a “thinking” dog who pays rapt attention to his owner, learns quickly, and responds eagerly to positive training methods. Indeed, Miniature Poodles NEED some sort of mental stimulation in order to be happy, even if it’s just challenging games such as hide ‘n seek, or fetching a variety of named toys. This intelligent breed cannot simply sit in the backyard and be ignored.

Most Miniature Poodles make great watchdogs — they will bark sharply at the door and they tend to be reserved (though polite and non-aggressive) with strangers. But there are also individuals like my dog Buffy, “who never met a stranger.” (She loves everyone.) With other dogs and cats, Miniature Poodles are peaceful and accepting.

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