Information about the poodle

Country of Origin:France

Miniature and toy poodles were probably bred down from standard poodles, although the toy poodle may be distantly related to the Maltese. Unlike the standard poodle, which was developed as a hunting dog, the smaller poodles were always companions. They were popular with European royalty, including France’s Louis XVI and Queen Anne of England; both sizes ware depicted in seventeenth-century paintings. They also performed in circuses in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They were first brought to the U.S. at the end of the nineteenth century but did not become popular until after WW II. All three poodles are almost identical except for size.

Physical Description:

These small to medium-size square dogs are elegant looking. The fine muzzle is straight and equal in length to the skull. The nose is black or liver and the eyes are oval and wide apart. They have long, wide drop ears that hang close to the head. The tail is docked and carried erect. The coat is harsh and curly and can be natural, corded, or clipped. The coat is of a uniform color, including color, including apricot, blue, black, cream, gray, silver, or white.

Height (Toy):

up to 10 inches

Weight (Toy):

5 to 7 pounds

Height (Miniature):

11 to 15 inches

Weight: (Miniature):

14 to 16 pounds


Both poodles are intelligent and highly trainable. They may be wary of strangers but are affectionate with their families and enjoy human companionship. They make very poor kennel dogs. Most are good with children and other animals as long as they are socialized. In general, the miniature and toy poodles are more sensitive than standards. Dog training course

Activity Level:


Best Owner:

They do well in an apartment or suburban home.

Special Needs:

Attention, grooming, protection from predators and rough play, socialization, some exercise, training.

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