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Poodle pups for sale

How much do poodle puppies cost?

The price of a poodle puppy is between 1500 and 3000 euros. The price depends on demand, age, availability, breeder location, ….

In general import dogs from Eastern Europe are cheaper, but you might know their problems. Some rare colors can also be more expensive.

We have written an extended blog post about the price of a poodle puppy.

How to select a good poodle breeder?

Luckily a dog has become a family member these days, but that doesn’t make choosing a puppy easier.

You want the healthiest poodle you could imagine. Then choose a breeder where you can visit the puppies with their mother.

You then can get to know the mother her temperament. This is important because she will educate her pups the first few weeks.

Speak with the breeder, a good breeder will answer all your questions. Most importantly you have to feel good with the breeder, if you don’t trust him you will search and find some weakness of the puppy.

In short, choose a breeder and only buy a dog when you have confidence in the breeder!

Information about the poodle

Country of Origin: France

Activity Level: Moderate

The Best Owner: They do well in an apartment or suburban home.

Height (Toy): up to 10 inches (ca. 25 cm)

Weight (Toy): 5 to 7 pounds (3.18 kg)

Height (Miniature): 11 to 15 inches (ca. 38 cm)

Weight: (Miniature): 14 to 16 pounds (ca. 7 kg)

Special Needs:

  • Attention
  • grooming
  • protection from predators and rough play
  • socialization
  • some exercise
  • training
poodle puppy
Poodle puppy

Physical Description

These small to medium-size dogs are elegant looking. And, the fine muzzle is straight and equal in length to the skull. Further, is the nose black or liver and the eyes are oval and wide apart.

They have long, wide drop ears that hang close to the head. And poodles carries his tail erected. His coat is harsh and curly and can be natural, corded, or clipped. The coat is of a uniform color, including apricot, blue, black, cream, gray, silver, or white.


Miniature and toy poodles were probably bred down from standard poodle. Some source says that the toy poodle is slightly related to a Maltese.

The standard poodle was original developed as a hunting dog. But the smaller poodles were always companions.

They were popular with European royalty. Some royalty including France’s Louis XVI and Queen Anne of England. Both size’s ware depicted in seventeenth-century paintings.

They also performed in circuses in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They were first brought to the U.S. at the end of the nineteenth century but did not become popular until after WW II. All three poodles are almost identical except for size.


The Poodle is an agile, athletic and graceful breed. Considered one of the most intuitive, thoughtful and intelligent breeds.

They are lively and playful, have a great sense of humor and a real love of life. The Poodle is a breed of distinction, elegance and dignity.

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As one of the most popular breeds in the world, the Poodle is loyal and deeply committed to their owner and family. They thrive on human company and are extremely sensitive to the boss’s moods and emotions. 

The Poodle can become very attached to a particular family member. This can lead to separation anxiety.

The Standard does well in a house with children and other pets. The Miniature and Toy breeds are at their best with older, considerate children. Poodles keep reserved with strangers and makes a good watchdog. However, this breed tends to bark excessively.

Both poodles are intelligent and highly trainable. They may be wary of strangers but are affectionate with their families. The poodle enjoys human companionship. Poodles can make deplorable kennel dogs.

Most are good with children and other animals as long as they are socialized. In general, the miniature and toy poodles are more sensitive than standards. Dog training course.


The Poodle requires a lot of grooming. It’s recommended to hire a dog hairstylist every six to eight weeks.

The coat can be groomed in three different styles:

  • Pet Clip
  • English Saddle
  • Continental

Daily brushing is highly recommended preventing tangles. It is important that the teeth and ears are checked and cleaned regularly. This breed is prone to allergies, skin diseases, diabetes, epilepsy and heart disease.

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Frequently asked questions

Are poodle hypoallergenic?

Yes, normally poodles are 100% hypoallergenic.

Are poodle tails docked?

No, it is luckily forbidden in Belgium, although it was a common thing in the past.

Are poodle smart?

Yes, they are considered as one of the smartest dog breeds.

How much do poodle puppies cost?

A poodle will sell between 500 and 2000 euro. Have a look at our available puppy page for actual price.

What poodle should I get?

We like the miniature poodle. They are healthier than the toy poodle, and also easy to travel.

What poodle eat?

We recommend a dog grain from a quality brand like Eukanuba or Royal Canin.

Where to buy a poodle?

What would you think we will answer? At Woefkesranch, of course. You can visit our poodle puppies with their mother at Woefkesranch.

Where are poodle dogs from?

The poodle was original developed and bred in France.