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Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale – Belgium

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yorkshire terrieryorkshire terrier

Alternative Names:

Country of Origin:
Great Britain


The Yorkie was originally bred to control rats in cotton mills and mines in Yorkshire, England. It was popular among the working class, especially weavers. Later, is became a fashionable pet during the Victorian age. Originally called a broken haired Scotch terrier, the breed was renamed the Yorkshire terrier by 1870. It is a descendant of the Waterside terrier, Old English black-and-tan terrier, rough-coated English terrier, paisley terrier, and Clydesdale terrier. It first came to the U.S. in the 1870s.

Physical Description:
The Yorkie is a very small, well-balanced dog with square proportions and a high head carriage. Its skull is small and flat; the muzzle is tapered with a small, black, button nose. The naturally erect ears are small and V-shaped. The distinctive coat is long, silky, and glossy, parted down the center of the black and hanging straight to the floor. The long hair on the head is parted or tied into a bow. The hair on the muzzle is long and blends into the chest hair. Puppies are born black and tan but by about two years old develop their adult steel blue and tan coloring.

7 to 9 inches


3 to 7 pounds


The scrappy Yorkie is a true terrier. Despite its small size, it is courageous and assertive. It tends to get along well with most animals and children, but can become demanding and nippy if not socialized and trained.

Activity Level:

Best Owner:
This is an adaptable dog that does well in a city or suburban home. It makes a good apartment dog.

Special Needs:

Dental care, grooming, socialization, supervision with children and larger animals, training.

Yorkshire terrier pups for sale

  • 1860

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  • 1876

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  • 1877

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  • 1938

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