Dog knowledgebase

This dog knowledge base is packed with information about all aspects of dogs. This is in particular basic knowledge and answers to the most frequently asked questions for the purchase of a dog.

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Labradoodle purchase tips

Labradoodle without a waiting list: a good idea?

Are you looking for a labradoodle breeder without a waiting list? At woefkesranch we sometimes have labradoodle puppies that are immediately available. You’ll have to be very quick or maybe all advance reservations . Or would you like to be kept informed when we put new photos on our website, subscribe to our puppy alert. Woefkesranch’s working method Woefkesranch only sells puppies…

dog care Pomeranian

Hair care of a Pomeranian

An important part of the care of a Pomeranian is coat care. The Pomeranian has a thick under and top coat consisting of long soft hairs. It is important to brush your Pomeranian at least once a day to keep the coat looking good. When your puppy is used to this, he will not prefer it. Because which dog doesn’t like a…

Yorkshire terrier

History of the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier gives the impression of being a very modern, even fashionable dog. Therefore, it is hard to imagine that this dog is more than a century old. But if you look at the Yorkshire terrier’s history, it has been around for a long time. If one compares him to the average Terrier, who is supposed to follow the…

purchase tips Information dog breeds Labradoodle

The price of a labradoodle, price to expect

A labradoodle is more expensive than the average purebred dog, because labradoodles are quite rare. Yes, labradoodles can have a high price. You need several generations to get a real labradoodle. In addition to the purchase costs, you must also take into account food costs, veterinarians, training and toys. Everyone has a different income and expenditure pattern and…


What is the average lifespan of a beagle?

All dog breeds are given a general life expectancy number. One must remember that this is the average age. It depends quite a bit on genetics… The lifespan of a beagle is mostly good. If a certain dog carries hereditary health issues this will affect life span quite a bit.  Also, how an owner cares…


What is the average size of a beagle?

Knowing the adult size is a must before buying a dog. So you know what to expect from the dog. A lightweight dog is easier to travel with. The size of a beagle is in between, small enough for traveling but sturdy enough for a good walk. A full-grown beagle male will be between 10…


Where to find a Beagle breeder? Choose right!

You are looking for a Beagle breeder but you are overwhelmed? After reading this article you will know where to buy a Beagle! You have different types of Beagle breeders, the different breeders will be further discussed in detail. Professional Beagle breeder The professional Beagle breeders breed beagles on a professional basis. He also receives…

Dachshund education tips

Character of a Dachshund, what temperament to expect

The temperament of a Dachshund is a robust and courageous dog. He has great stamina and a unique character. The Dachshund is independent, combative, and tries to dominate other dogs. His habit of barking at the slightest noise makes him a good watchdog . De Teckel is affectionate and cheerful, but demands a lot of attention and is often jealous. The short-haired variety is…