Labradoodle purchase tips

Labradoodle without a waiting list: a good idea?

Are you looking for a labradoodle breeder without a waiting list? At woefkesranch we sometimes have labradoodle puppies that are immediately available. You’ll have to be very quick or maybe all advance reservations . Or would you like to be kept informed when we put new photos on our website, subscribe to our puppy alert. Woefkesranch’s working method Woefkesranch only sells puppies…

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The price of a labradoodle, price to expect

A labradoodle is more expensive than the average purebred dog, because labradoodles are quite rare. Yes, labradoodles can have a high price. You need several generations to get a real labradoodle. In addition to the purchase costs, you must also take into account food costs, veterinarians, training and toys. Everyone has a different income and expenditure pattern and…