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Road to the kennel of

the Woefkesranch

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WOEFKESRANCH International
Slameuterstraat 29
2580 Putte 

BTW BE 0436 258 191
RPR Mechelen

Tel: +32 (0)15 75 59 42
Fax:+32 (0)15 75 82 67

Erk.NHK 53100458



Road description: from Brussels and Antwerp

You have to take the highway E 19 (Antwerp-Brussels)
You have to take the exit nr. 10 Mechelen South
Follow the direction Centre (Centrum) and afterwards 
Direction Heist o/d Berg

(you come across the Nekkerhal)

When you arrive at the roundabout with Colruyt and Esso, you count 3 red lights and then you turn left and later you take the first street on your left = Slameuterstraat

Road description: Limburg

From Limburg : E 314 and you take the exit 22 Aarschot

You have to follow the direction of Aarschot-Herentals-Lier-Heist o/d Berg and at the roundabout with dancing Fabiola, Brantano and Esso you go left; direction Mechelen. 

You count 3 lights and then you go right. You see a church on your left.
Then you take the first street on your left and there we are! = Slameuterstraat