How to use a bench?

A bench is a metal cage that is specially used for dogs. A bench isnít very cheap when you buy it,
but it is worth his money in the end.
It can be very useful when you train the puppy or to prevent that your dog has problems with his behaviour.

What are the advantages of using a bench?
ē your pup will feel comfortable in his bench when he is home alone. The bench is the safe house for your pup
ē Your pup wonít get the chance to do something wrong while you are away;
   your furniture and your carpets will be spared
ē The use of a bench stimulates your pups house-training. A dog doesnít like to be in his own filth.
ē Your pup learns his place within your family.

It is very important that your pup knows that a bench is a comfortable and safe place for him to be. You have to put the bench in the kitchen or the living room so the pup isnít in the draft. He has also got to have a view on the room from his bench. While your pup isnít house-trained yet, you can put some newspapers in his bench so he can play a bit.

To get used to his bench, you have to give the pup something to chew on that he can eat in his bench. That way the pup will associate the bench with something pleasant. The door of the bench has to stay open, but if you pup wants to take his toy or biscuit somewhere else, you have to take him back to his bench. Maintain this training for a couple of days!

When your pup goes in his bench on his own, give him a treat or a toy to reward him and close the door when he goes to sleep. But donít leave him yet because that is the final step. If your pup gets uncomfortable or starts to bark, it is important that you react in a good way! You canít go to him and comfort him because he sees this as a reward for his behaviour and he will keep on doing it. As soon as he stops, even for one little moment, you have to go to him. Donít get to excited, just react as normal as possible and open his door calmly. You donít want to give him the impression that something important is happening.
When the pup remains calm in his bench while you are at home, you take the final step. If you leave (at first for a short time) you put the pup in his bench. Give him a little treat before you leave.

A little extra to stimulate the pup to go in his bench, are some biscuits that you hide in the bench so the pup can look for them while you are gone.
The pup will be curious the next time and go and look for more in the bench.

The most important thing about getting used to a bench, is your patience! Give the pup as much time as he needs! Donít send him to his bench for punishment and make sure that children leave him alone when he is in his bench. The bench has to be a safe house for your pup.

Good luck!!!!