You want to have a dog

You want to have a dog, but you donít know how to get here?
No Problem, WOEFKESRANCH can bring your puppy home!!

If it is not possible for you to come here to choose your puppy, we can deliver the puppy home within a couple of hours after you have chosen it

Trough  you can take a look at the pictures of the available puppies. You can choose your new dog and we can always send you some extra pictures by mail to make it even more easy to make a good choice.

You can pay cash or by visa online.

We can also deliver the equipment that you need to make sure that your puppy has everything that he wants

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!! We only do home deliveries within 180 km. The costs for this home delivery are calculated on the distance

For more information, please give us a ring 0032 15 75 59 42

We can also deliver in France with special transport.