Where to find a Beagle breeder? Choose right!

You are looking for a Beagle breeder but you are overwhelmed? After reading this article you will know where to buy a Beagle! You have different types of Beagle breeders, the different breeders will be further discussed in detail.

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Some pictures of beagles

Professional Beagle breeder

The professional Beagle breeders breed beagles on a professional basis. He also receives regular checks from the government and animal welfare, so that they must always be in order. In addition, they are required to provide a written guarantee with the sale of a Beagle puppy. Because they are professionally engaged in breeding, they have more experience in breeding puppies. So, they can also give more advice about the Beagle.

Woefkesranch is a professional Beagle breeder.
We provide a 24/7 service to all our customers,
customers can always reach us with their questions after their purchase.
Woefkesranch has been a point of contact for your puppies for almost 30 years.

Beagle seller

A seller buys puppies and then resells them. These puppies usually come from abroad. So puppies come and go, which can of course be dangerous for bacteria.
If you want a Belgian beagle, you should buy directly from the breeder.

Hobbybreeders of Beagles

A hobby breeder usually has very few dogs that he breeds with. He or she also has less experience in breeding puppies in most cases. Because he sells few puppies, you will also read few complaints about him. For example: 1 Sick puppy out of 10 bred dogs per year, is already 10% problem. Still looking for a hobby breeder, take a look at the Belgian beagle club.


You should actually buy a Beagle in confidence. Go and see how the dogs are sitting in enough places, going to see it costs nothing. If you see things that cannot be done with the Beagle breeder, delete that breeder from your list

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