We have got three varieties of the Griffon.
The Belgian Griffon has a coat that is long and wiry with tufts of fringe around its face.
The Brussels Griffon has a longer coat than that of the Belgian Griffon.
The third variety of the Griffon is the Petit Brabancon. He has a softer to the touch, smooth and short coat. Their large head is domed and features an undershot jaw. The Griffon is a sturdily built toy dog breed with a squarely proportioned body. The ears of the Griffon are usually cropped and their high-set tail is usually docked. The noses of the Griffons are very short and their eyes are large and glossy. The coat exists in a number of colors: black and tan, red, red-brown, black or solid black.

brussels griffon

The character of the Griffon

The Griffon is an lively, intelligent toy dog, with a personality much like that of a terrier. They make excellent companion dogs because of their charming demeanors. They have the ability to learn tricks quickly and loves to be showered with affection and attention. The Griffon has a lot of personality. Sometimes they can be picky eaters and may be difficult to housebreak. The Griffon is also a barker. Griffons are good watchdogs and they do well with older children.


7 – 8 inches
6 – 12 pounds

General Health

The Griffon is difficult to breed and lives for 12 to 15 years. They average two puppies per litter.


At a Brussels exhibition in 1880 the first Griffon was shown. Similar breeds were displayed in the artwork of the Flemish painter “Van Eyck”. This dog was kept by cab drivers in the 17th century to rid the stables of pests. The breed became utilized more and more heavily as a companion dog rather than a working dog, because of his lovable personality. The smooth-coated Griffon is likely a descendant of the pug. The Yorkshire Terrier, Irish Terrier, and English Toy Spaniel are other breeds that contributed to the Griffon. The Brussels Griffon is the only breed of Griffon that is recognized by the AKC. 


The coat of the smooth-coated Griffon requires les grooming and maintenance than that of the Brussels and Belgian Griffon. Griffons shed little to no hair. Smooth coated Griffons shed seasonaly. Rough coated Griffons shed little to no hair. 

Ideal Environment

The Griffon is capable of exercising on his own and is very active indoors. They are happy in an apartment or a small household and can live without a yard.

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