Hair care of a Pomeranian anno 2022

An important part of the care of a Pomeranian is coat care. He has a thick under and top coat consisting of long soft hairs.

It is important to brush this dog breed at least once a day to keep the coat looking good. When your puppy is used to this, he will prefer to be combed. Because which dog doesn’t like a massage from his owner. The bond between owner and dog will therefore only improve.

How to trim a Pomeranian?

Trimming a pomeranian is best done in a dog grooming salon. Trimming a dog is not the same as trimming your dog. When trimming, you remove the dead hair that is still in the coat. This is done by gently pulling on the coat and plucking the hair. Do you want to do it yourself? Then look for enough information on youtube or the internet. A start below.

When to cut a pomeranian?

Some people think a pomeranian should be cut or shaved in warm weather. But its thick coat not only works well against the cold but also insulates against the heat. In addition, his coat will never be the same after a shave.

However, this dog breed must be trimmed. Trimming removes the dead hair completely and shaving leaves a part of it in the skin. So he needs to be trimmed, but how often? If he is brushed often, this should not really be. Brushing, like trimming, removes all dead hair. If you nevertheless wish to have it trimmed, ask for advice from a specialized dog hairdresser.

Pomeranian puppy

How often to wash a Pomeranian?

Washing a pomeranian should rarely be done. He will usually keep his coat clean himself. If you still want to wash it, stick to a maximum of 2-3 times a year. Only use special dog shampoo, no other soaps. After washing, dry completely with a towel. Be careful if you wash your dog too much, you will damage his skin. He will always have to be washed more and more. And he can also get skin diseases. In principle, a Pomeranian who receives regular coat care should not be washed. If you think your dog is starting to smell, you can consider using a dog perfume.

How to comb a pomeranian?

First, you should comb your dog with a Pomeranian comb. Do this carefully and completely, don’t forget to comb the legs. Then you continue with a brush so that it becomes nice and soft and will grow faster.

In addition to the coat, you also stimulate your dog’s skin and blood circulation. Brushing your dog also protects against all kinds of small bugs such as parasites

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