Husky Behavior Problem – Owners Beware anno 2021

Siberian Husky’s have unique traits and characteristics: loving, gentle, social, casual, keen, playful, happy-go-lucky, independent, very fond of their families, a great family dog. They are very intelligent and can be trained.

Husky’s are great with children and friendly with strangers. Not good watch dogs as they do not bark… They howl and have love for everyone.

These beautiful animals have keen minds and can do great in obedient classes. Go home and do nothing they learned. Huskies can create great challenges for their owners. Stubbornness is among the practices that seem to own.

Siberians are frisky and full of energy, especially when puppies. They require exercise daily and become bored very easily. Husky’s are born to run – sled dogs at heart. “They shall run and not be weary”

If you are a runner, this is the dog for you. They will go anywhere and as far as you want. Make sure it is not too hot as they have strong, thick coats. These are arctic dogs by nature.

brown husky puppy

You must always keep your dog on a leash. They can run away for miles before they realize they are lost. Huskies can be friends with the first strangers that meet and take up with another family.

These dogs will obey a command if the human has a stronger mind than they have. Husky’s want to follow the alpha leader or become the leader. They have wolf like hits, exhibiting a wide range of their ancestors’ behavior.

They will howl rather than bark, overactive hunting drive, a behavior welcome in a hunting dog but not a family pet.

If you do not display leadership, they will see no point in obeying. They may listen, but decide to pursue another agenda or idea. Husky training requires consistency and patience. This wolf / arctic dog character needs firm, strict alpha leadership or they become mischievous and obsinate.

The Siberian Husky does not do well if left alone for long periods of time, without lots of exercise. The husky needs mental and physical exercise on a consistent basis. Remember this is a sled dog in heart and soul.

Husky’s are people dogs and become lonely when no one is around. They do not do well when left alone without much exercise. They can destroy your home… Eating your sofa, taking off wallpaper and chewing any and everything. If left in a yard, he will dig up plants and create large holes.

Husky dogs are good with other pets if they are raised with them from puppyhood. They especially do not like cats and can only be well if the cat was raised with the dog. You still might be taking a chance with the life of your cat.

These dogs do not eat a lot for their size. This is another trait that made them popular for sled dog racing.

Siberian Husky’s can be wonderful companions for people who fully understand their unique habits and characteristics, and are willing to take the time and energy to live and work with these beautiful dogs.

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