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Privacy Statement


All information given to us by the customer will be kept confidential in according to the national and European legislation.

We use this information to process your order properly, answer your questions and send you our newsletter to keep you informed of special offers for our products and services.

Your information will never be held by third parties. The user can, free of any charge and on request, always oppose the use of personal information for direct marketing. To this end he will address BVBA Verschueren-Dyck at



WOEFKESRANCH International
BTW BE 0436 258 191
Erk.N°HK 1510 1339
RPR Mechelen

Marleen en Erik Verschueren
Slameuterstraat 29
2580 Putte 
Tel: +32 (0)15 75 59 42
Fax:+32 (0)15 75 82 67