Labradoodle without a waiting list: a good idea?

Are you looking for a labradoodle breeder without a waiting list? At woefkesranch we sometimes have labradoodle puppies that are immediately available. You’ll have to be very quick or maybe all advance reservations .

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1 of our labradoodle breeding females

Woefkesranch’s working method

Woefkesranch only sells puppies from our own farm. This way we can offer you a healthy puppy with as little bacteria pressure as possible

You can visit our labradoodle puppies with their mother. In this way you can see the characteristics of the mother and you can judge for yourself.

We place every puppy we sell in our gallery. There you will find two pictures of each puppy with reference number. This reference number is part of the chip number. There is also always the price and gender.

You can reserve a puppy by clicking on the reservation button below the photo. We then ask for a small advance and your details.

We understand that it is not easy to buy a dog online. Hence you are welcome to our ranch during our opening hours without any obligation.

If you are lucky enough to have a puppy allowed to leave the nest immediately, you may have a labradoodle sooner than expected. Our puppies can leave the nest from the age of 8 weeks.

No impulse purchases

At woefkesranch we are convinced that a dog is for life ! So be prepared to buy a puppy.

Impulse purchases usually cause problems for the dog e

You can read in on our site or just google it. There are also good labradoodle books.

When you are ready for a labradoodle puppy, you can move on.

Visit Labradoodle breeder

We recommend that you visit the breeder. If that breeder likes you, ask how you can get a puppy.

Whether it’s a breeder with or without a waiting list, go where you feel comfortable. That saves a lot of trouble.

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