Neccesities for your puppy

Basic Necessities

 Basket, Pillow
 Bench, Cage
 Drink- and feeding bin (keeping the dog’s height in mind)
 Nutrition: (Eukanuba Lamb & Rice and Denkadog Diner)
 Collar (The puppy needs to get used to this as soon as possible)

 De-worming paste (Flubenol)


Extra Necessities

 Cookies (as a reward)
 Biting sticks (to take away the toothache a little, the puppy is still changing teeth).
 Carries bag, very handy for small races.

 Brush, to take away the dead hairs.
 Shampoo; you can buy the right shampoo for your puppy right here, but don’t start washing it immediately. (wait until after the definitive vaccination)
 Puppy training mats.
 Flee-spray. The first four months use Frontline only!
 ‘Extra Force’ paste for the smaller races.
 Perfume to take away bad odors.
 Hygienic dog bags (plus refill)
 Eye and ear cleaner. (Especially for dogs with sagging ears)
 Nail clipper
 Book with information about the breed.

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