Pomeranian Nutrition Guide

Do you want to know how to feed a Pomeranian puppy? What is the best puppy food for Pomeranian? How Much Should a Puppy Eat? The right amount of nutrition and much more will be discussed in this article.

What does a Pomeranian eat?

A Pomeranian should eat high-quality dog ​​food. Examples include Royal canin, Eukanuba or ProPlan.

Some people say you should cook for your dog. Fortunately, most people recommend offering a good dog pellet.

Other people regret feeding wet food. This contains more water, which means that it will also contain fewer nutrients. Even though your dog will prefer to eat this, it is still recommended not to give wet canned food.

Which nutrients are needed?

Most dog pellets have a fat content between 10% and 25% and a protein content of 22-32%.

Keep in mind that a puppy has different needs than an adult dog. So a puppy feeds your puppy food, from 1 year that it becomes adult food. Optionally, you can feed senior to an old dog.

Best food for pomerians

Below what we recommend as food for a Pomeranian.



When to feed a puppy

A puppy should be fed at least twice a day, morning and evening. Or if possible, an extra feeding in the afternoon is better.

As the puppy gets older, he can often survive on less food per day.

How much should a Pomeranian eat?

It is very difficult to say the right amount. Because the amount of food depends on:

One dog becomes fat faster with the same food as another dog. But on average, you can provide 2-10 tablespoons for a puppy. An adult Pomeranian will need to eat 50 grams and 90 grams per day.

Important facts

  • Do not give a puppy red meat.
  • Do not give calcium supplements to puppies.
  • Do not feed your puppy adult dog food.
  • Home cooking for puppies is not recommended.
  • Feeding raw is best introduced after 18 months or not at all.

From puppy food to adult dog food

At the age of 10-12 months, your dog should switch to an adult pellet. It is best to purchase the grain in advance. Then mix the last of the puppy pellets with the same amount of adult pellets. The transition is thus gradual.

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