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american staffordshire terrier puppies for sale

American Staffordshire Terriër puppies for sale

American Staffordshire Terriër



Alternative Names:

Am Staff


Country of Origin:




Although it descends from the same line as the APBT, the American Staffordshire has been bred independently of the APBT for at least 60 years when the AKC changed the breed name. A result of English crossing of bulldogs and terriers, descendants of the breed were brought to the U.S. in the late 1800s and used as general-purpose farm dogs.


Physical Description:

It is very much like the APBT: medium-size, compact, stocky and muscular, with a broad skull, medium-length muzzle and strong jaw. The eyes are dark and round and the ears are cropped erect or naturally rose or semi-erect. Natural ears are preferred. The American Staffordshire Terrier has a broad, deep chest and muscular hindquarters. The naturally short tail tapers to a point. The coat is short and stiff and of any color but all white.



17 to 19 inches



40 to 79 pounds



The American Staffordshire terrier is gentle and friendly but also stoic and courageous. It is very friendly toward people, especially children, but often aggressive toward dogs, especially those of the same sex. Many Am Staffs will only get along with dogs of the opposite sex.


Activity Level:



Best Owner:

The best owner is an active, experienced family or individual either in the city or the country.


Special Needs:

Exercise, fenced yard, leashed, socialization and training.


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