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bernese mountain dog puppies for sale

Bernese Mountain Dogs puppies for sale

Bernese Mountain Dogs


Alternative Names:

Berner sennenhund


Country of Origin:




The Bernese Mountain dog is another of the four Swiss dogs descended from crosses of local dogs and Roman mastiffs. The breed was named for the canton of Bern and was developed as an all-purpose farm dog, pulling carts, driving cattle and guarding. They were first brought to the U.S. in 1926.


Physical Description:

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, powerful, squarely built dog with a large head: a flat, broad skull; and straight muzzle. The breed has dark brown eyes, a black nose and medium-sized, triangular drop ears that are set high. The chest is deep and the tail is long and bushy. The coat is long, shiny and straight or slightly wavy, tricolor, with a black base and rust and white markings.



23 to 27.5 inches



75 to 105 pounds



This is an easygoing breed that is confident and gentle. Some may be aloof with strangers but they generally get along with everyone, including children and other animals.


Activity Level:



Best Owner:

The Bernese mountain dog does best with an active owner in a suburban or rural environment.


Special Needs:

Grooming, socialization and training.


Similar Breeds

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