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boxer puppies for sale

Boxer puppies for sale




Country of Origin:




Boxers have been found in Europe since the sixteenth century. Although they were originally hunting dogs, they are believed to be descendants of Tibetan fighting dogs and cousins of the bulldogs. They were used for fighting and bull baiting until the practice was outlawed in Germany in the mid-nineteenth century. Boxers have also been used as police and military dogs, performance dogs, and all-purpose companions. They were rarely known in the U.S. until WW II, when U.S. servicemen became interested in the breed. The name "boxer" stems from their tendency to use their forelegs when fighting.


Physical Description:

The boxer is a medium-size, compact, muscular and squarely built dog. There is a square, blunt, bulldoglike muzzle with thick upper lips, an undershot jaw, dark brown eyes, a black nose and drop ears that can be cropped erect or left natural. It has a deep chest, compact feet and a docked tail that is carried high. The short, smooth coat is fawn or brindle with a black mask, sometimes there are white markings.



21 to 25 inches



50 to 80 pounds



The Boxer is a fun-loving and playful dog that is extremely loyal and affectionate with family. Some may be initially wary with strangers, but are generally confident and make friends easily. The boxer is excellent with children.


Activity Level:



Best Owner:

The Boxer does well with a family in the city, suburbs or country.


Special Needs:

Attention, exercise and training.

Similar Breeds

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