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pug puppies for sale

Pug puppies for sale




Alternative Names:

lo-sze (china), mopshond (Holland), carlin (France), mops (Germany)


Country of Origin:




The pug's progenitors probably originated in China more than two thousand years ago. From there the breed made its way to Tibet and Japan, probably as royal gifts or objects of barter, and eventually to Europe in the sixteenth or seventeenth century. It was first known outside China in Holland, where it was extremely popular. IT first came to the U.S. in the nineteenth century.


Physical Description:

The pug is a square, short, and stocky dog with straight legs. The head is large and round with a heavily wrinkled forehead. The muzzle is short and wide with an undershot bite. Its large prominent eyes are dark and set wide apart and its small, thin ears are rose or button. The tail is tightly curled. It has a short, single coat with smooth, glossy hair that may be silver, apricot fawn, or black, with a black mask an ears.


10 to 11 inches



14 to 18 pounds



The pug is a loving, affectionate dog. It is eager to please and enjoys the company of children. It is also intelligent and can be stubborn. It tends to snore.


Activity Level:



Best Owner:
The pug is extremely adaptable, doing especially well in an apartment.


Special Needs:

Avoid strenuous exercise, protection from heat, wrinkle cleaning.

Similar Breeds

source: dog bible