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pembroke welsh corgi puppies for sale

Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppies for sale

Pembroke Welsh Corgi



Country of Origin:


The Pembroke was developed in Pembrokeshire, Wales, as an all-purpose farm dog that herder cattle and drove geese. It is believed to descend from spitz type ancestors brought to Wales by Flemish weavers. It is rarely used as a herding dog today. It is closely related to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.


Physical Description:
The Pembroke is a long, low, solidly built dog with short, well-boned legs. It has a foxy head with large, erect ears; oval, brown eyes; and a black nose. It is deep chested and naturally tailless. The medium length coat is red, sable, fawn, black and tan, with or without white markings.


10 to 12 inches (25-30cm)


25 to 30 pounds (10-12kg)


Like the Cardigan, the Pembroke is a big dog in a small package. It is an active, intelligent, and fun-loving dog and gets along with almost everyone. The Pembroke does well with children but should be supervised. It is devoted to its family but can be headstrong.


Activity Level:


Best Owner:
The Pembroke does well with an active family in a rural or suburban home.


Special Needs:
Grooming, socialization, training


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