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prijzen van een puppie

Some time ago you bought a puppy from Woefkesranch. Here are some tips for training your puppy.
I hope all is well with your puppy, if you have great pictures, send them and maybe you find your dog on our "site familie"
verkoopsovereenkomst verkoop pup


You have a new puppy in you're house?
Here are some tips for training your puppy (offered by Eukanuba)

verkoopsovereenkomst verkoop pup

Puppy training video:
Welcome home

5 Star recap - Welcome home

  • Puppy proof your home
  • Keep the house quiet
  • Ease in the kiddos
  • Be the leader of the pack
  • Don't play rough

levering pup aan huis

Puppy training video:
Puppy Grooming

5 Star recap - Puppy Grooming:

  • The power of Touch
  • Make it Fun
  • Introduce Grooming Items Slowly
  • Bring Up the Rear
  • A Smooth Coat is a Comfortable Coat

mogelijkheid van annulatie bij de koop van een pup

Puppy training video:
Crate Training a Puppy

5 Star recap - Crate Training a Puppy:

  • Praise Yes. Punish, No!
  • Size matters
  • Keep the crate close
  • Separate in stages
  • Be cool
klachten bij of na aankoop van een pup

Puppy training video:
Basic Commands

5 Star recap - Basic Commands

  • Fun, Fun, Fun
  • Mix it up
  • Trick for Treat
  • Praise the Dog
  • Practice Makes Perfect
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