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Which dog suits me?

Which dog suits me?

If you want to buy a dog, it is best not to go ice cream overnight. After all, there are several factors, including your budget, home, leisure activities and experience with dogs, which you should think about before choosing a puppy in the kennel. We go through the most important points with you.

What if you have limited space?

Whoever wants to buy a dog does not necessarily need a garden . There are also dogs that know how to ground themselves perfectly in a house without a garden or even an apartment.

The most important characteristics that you should pay attention to are the instincts of the dog. The size of the dog is less important.

Take the Pinscher for example. Although this dog remains quite small, it is a German hunting dog with tons of energy. They would have an ‘active mood’ of 72.85 minutes a day. You should keep Pinschers where the dog can move a lot.

Active Dwarf pinscher

In contrast, a French bulldog , which is larger, but with a much calmer energy level.

Do you actually have a small space? Then best avoid all dogs with high hunting instincts such as running dogs and sweat dogs or sheepdogs and cattle drivers. You will receive the right advice here in our kennel .

How much time can you spend on your dog every day?

The above is of course indicative. If your dog barely has to stay alone and you are actively working on it for several hours a day (walking, playing, etc.), a Pinscher can also ground on an apartment.

The time you can spend on your pet is therefore a very important factor . Before buying a dog, consider in the kennel that the animal (depending on the breed) easily becomes 10 years or even older . Your life can change a lot during that time .

For example, if you are single now, there is a good chance that you will have a relationship and perhaps children within 10 years. You may then be able to spend less time with the dog.

How much time do you have to spend on your dog every day?

Not every dog ​​needs the same amount of exercise and challenges. In general, smaller dogs require less exercise , on the condition that they are not hunting dogs, running dogs or cattle drivers. Hunting and working dogs take the most out of your free time anyway . The Border Collie, who is a real cattle driver, will only feel warmed up after 2 hours of exercise. On the other hand, the Newfoundland who easily doubles in size, prefers to do everything at a leisurely pace and is happy with a walk every day.

Some dogs also need more mental than physical challenges . You will find customized toys at the dog accessories in the pet shop. Certain dog breeds also require a lot of coat care, such as the Chow Chow. Also keep this in mind when you want to buy a dog.

What if you will buy a dog for the first time?

It really does matter if this is your first dog or not. Training your dog is a must regardless of the breed, size or age. However, some dog breeds are “not kittens to handle without gloves” and need a strong experienced leader . That is the case, for example, with cattle drivers such as the Border Collie, but also with many hunting dogs such as the small munsterlander who would rather follow his nose than his boss.

Dogs that are suitable as the first dog include the Miniature Pomeranian , the Poodle and the Golden Retriever . These varieties are easy to train and also easy to handle.

What budget should you provide for a dog?

Buying a dog is not a one-time cost. In the kennel you pay on average between 600 and 2500 euros for the purchase of your dog , but after that you still have to take into account the costs for food and care. You spend more or less on food depending on the weight and size of the dog. For a dog of approximately 35 kilograms, charge around 570 euros in food per year . You pay an average of 206 euros per year for the medical care of a dog.

If you also want to have the dog neutered or sterilized , take into account an amount between 250 and 400 euros . Much depends on the necessary anesthesia, the dose and the price of which is therefore higher in a larger dog.

The Woefkesranch team is happy to give you additional advice in order to buy a dog that really suits you. Do you have a question? Contact us by telephone on the number +32 15 75 59 42 or complete this handy contact form.

The price of a labradoodle

The price of a labradoodle

A labradoodle is more expensive than the average purebred dog, because labradoodles are quite rare.

You need several generations to get a real labradoodle. In addition to the purchase costs, you must also take into account food costs, veterinarians, training and toys.

Everyone has a different income and expenditure pattern and will adapt this to the dog . Some want to make a small palace for their labradoodle, others go for a dog bed in the kitchen. Anyway, as long as your labradoodle gets basic care and a lot of love, he or she will become a happy dog.

In this blog post we inform you about the costs of an average labradoodle. In addition to the costs listed below, it is wise to take unexpected expenses into account. For example, it may be that your labradoodle has to go to the vet an extra time or that you have to buy special food because your dog cannot stand a certain brand.

Purchase costs

The price of a Labradoodle puppy depends on:

  • availabilty
  • Age
  • Color

A good target price for a Labradoodle is € 1250 to € 2000.

View our available Labradoodle puppies for the current price

Sometimes you will find Labradoodle puppies at abnormally low prices on sales sites (kapaza, second-hand, marketplace, etc.). Often these are advertisements from scammers.

Wherever you buy a labradoodle, ask the breeder if you can look at the litter when the puppies are old enough and ask questions about the health of their parents. If the breeder refuses, this is a bad sign. A good breeder is proud of his dogs and is happy to show them to future owners.
At Woefkesranch you can see the puppies together with their mother. Call us or drop by !

Veterinary costs

An adult labradoodle entails less veterinary costs than a puppy. A puppy has to go to the vet on average a few times in its first year, a healthy, adult labradoodle only needs to be checked annually. A reliable breeder has already had the pups wormed, vaccinated and thoroughly checked by the vet.

Every veterinarian is not the same and neither is their price. One works for an average wage, while the other may like to get rich quickly (a bread vet). hence it is not always easy to give an average price.

You can opt for veterinary insurance . This is not unwise, since veterinary costs can also increase considerably, especially with puppies and older dogs. Veterinary insurance depends on the weight, age and breed of a dog. For a labradoodle you pay between 20 and 35 euros per month, depending on the coverage. You can take out your veterinary insurance policy with Petplan .

Puppy course

A puppy course is recommended, but is not an obligation. At a good dog school you learn how to deal with your dog to teach him or her the right behavior.

They are active and child-friendly dear ones, but they must learn the right behavior

Apart from the fact that these courses are very useful, dogs often enjoy them because they learn to interact with other dogs, get a lot of exercise and play fun games. The bond between owner and dog is strengthened by the training, so see this primarily as an investment in a nicer dog.

Puppy courses can vary considerably in price, but costs on average between 125 and 200 euros (for eight to ten meetings). Many dog ​​training centers offer follow-up courses and private training, these are usually a lot more expensive.


Dog food is a very important expense that you can make as expensive or as cheap as you want. You can get cheap dog food at the supermarket. You can buy more expensive food that is suitable for dogs with allergies at specialist shops or via the vet.

You can buy a quality brand for your dog, this saves you many problems afterwards. Examples are: Eukanuba , Royal canin . Everyone makes their own choices, but bear in mind that better quality feed influences the health of your labradoodle. A dog that grows up healthily means lower veterinary costs and of course a more active and sociable dog that is a lot happier.

Anyway, a larger dog like the labradoodle eats significantly more than a small dog. You can count around a budget of 60 euros per month for feeding a labradoodle.

Trim salon

The beautiful coat of the labradoodle demands the necessary hours of care. A puppy has to go to a grooming salon for the first time between seven months and one year old because it will get an adult coat. Both puppies and adult labradoodles must be brushed and trimmed regularly.

A grooming salon requires between 80 euros and 110 euros for a labradoodle, depending on the size.

Neatly brushed labradoodles can also have felted pieces in their fur. Then there is only one thing: to the hairdresser! In the worst case scenario, a labradoodle must be completely shaved. To save costs, you can follow a course to learn how to care for and trim the coat of your labradoodle.

How do you recognize a scammer?

  • You will receive a reply e-mail in poor Dutch
  • The advertiser has no site
  • You cannot collect the Labradoodle puppies yourself from the advertiser
  • You can pay with Western Union
  • After payment of the “low” selling price, the “seller” asks for extra money for customs costs, extra vaccines, …
  • All the money deposited is the buyer LIES!

To buy a Labradoodle puppy at Woefkesranch:

  • A young Labradoodle puppy (available from the age of 8 weeks)
  • A Labradoodle puppy that has been vaccinated
  • A Labradoodle puppy that has been dewormed
  • A Labradoodle puppy identified with a microchip
  • The Labradoodle puppy is sold with a written guarantee
  • After-sales service: unique in Belgium, you get a 24-hour service here: you can reach our team 24 hours a day for urgent ‘puppy questions’
  • Guidance with Labradoodle parenting tips

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Adopting A Dog: Building A Doghouse

Once decided on adopting a dog, the next step to take is the type of doghouse that you will need. The doghouse depends on the dog breed that you want. Dogs grow very fast and allowances must be taken to ensure that the doghouse will shelter the dog when it is full-grown.

dog house

The Doghouse Type

This is a fine time to practice creativity. There are as many doghouse styles as there are houses for people.

For people that want to exercise fun and creativity, doghouse styles could be constructed to look like a miniature single room white house complete with a blue room or just have the blue room instead.

It could even look like the basic structure of your house with the inside looking like your room. It could be constructed to look like a chalet, a lean-to, a box or a cage. There are a lot of choices.

The only must is that the doghouse will fit the dog enough to have him move comfortably and that the roof will not be so hot during summer months. Another very important item is the door. In areas where there are very cold seasons, a door should be opted instead of the usual open hole.

You can watch on pinterest to find more ideas

Determining the Size

Determining doghouse sizes are personal choices. You could build the doghouse as big as you want.

However, you cannot build a doghouse smaller than this:

  • Height: to determine a comfortable height that is also enough to ensure good air circulation, add 9 inches to the height of a fully-grown dog of the same breed.
  • Length: to determine the shortest length for a doghouse, add one and one-half foot from the length of the dog starting from the tip of the nose to its rump.
  • Width: to decide the narrowest width of the doghouse that would provide enough space for the dog to move around, add one foot to the length of the dog, this is the narrowest space for your width.

Choosing the Location

The ideal area to be chosen as the location for building the dog house is a level ground that is free from water run-off.

Clear the site where the doghouse will be built down to the short grass. Pack the ground tightly before building.

In areas where there are extreme changes in weather, you may need to insulate the doghouse or consider air conditioning. This is more important when you have an outdoor dog breed. There are many choices for roofing but often, a wooden roof is sufficiently cool. For flooring, you may want vinyl or lumber as these are easily cleaned.

For health reasons, the doghouse is usually constructed a few inches from the ground. This also wards off insects and other small animals from entering aside from ensuring that the place remains dry. Then you begin building.

When pressed for time and you would prefer doghouse kits, there are so many varieties that are available that are pre-fabricated and are available in your local pet shops.

Sleep inside

Hopefully, your dog may sleep inside your house.

A dog that is allowed to come inside your house will always be a greater family member. Therefore we recommend you to take the dog inside.

If you are scared that the dog breaks anything in your home, then you can use a cage like the picture below.

dog cage

A dog that sleeps in such a cage has more respect for the owner and the education is a lot easier.

You put the dog in his cage every time when you are leaving the house and the dog needs to be alone.

That’s the most important reason to take a cage. So the dog only can break things when you are home.

It is important that you can punish the dog immediately when he does something wrong. You simply define when you can educate the dog, and when it’s time to rest.

If you’re looking for a dog crate visit our shop.

Child-friendly family dogs, which breed is best

These days, the dog is increasingly regarded as a member of the family. This brings them more and more into contact with small children. We know about 350 recognized dog breeds, but which are best suited as a child-friendly family dog? We look at our top 10 with you.

Important characteristics of family dogs

So many people, so many dogs wishes. But what makes a dog suitable as a family dog.

A family dog ​​has a number of characteristics that make the dog ideal within a family, with or without small children.

We find the most important characteristics:

  • background
  • energy level
  • Age
  • personality

A dog with a bad background such as a trauma will more easily come up unexpectedly. This is certainly not recommended with children. Therefore buy from the breeder.

Even a dog that is too active is not recommended. Just think of the countless YouTube videos where children are knocked over by a dog.

The younger you bring the dog into your home, the better. They then get used to his new situation with children more quickly.

The personality of the breed is very important. But certainly also the individual, which every golden retriever naturally does not have the same personality.

Education as the main reason for a family dog

The most important thing for a family dog ​​that is good with children is the upbringing.

You can teach bad or good manners to any dog ​​or breed. So make sure you always raise a puppy in a friendly way.

Also involve your children in the education of your puppy if possible.

NO puppy is an aggressive puppy.

Yes ok, puppies can bite, but this is unconscious behavior. The puppy does not know that he is doing badly, this must be taught by the owners.

Tips for dogs and children

What really are “child-friendly dog ​​breeds” now depends primarily on the education of children and dogs. Teach children to caress the rule of 3 when stroking:

  • Before stroking the dog, the child must request permission from the boss.
  • The child must request permission from the dog. That is, the child lures the dog and waits for the dog to indicate that it wants to be caressed. Children are not allowed to extend their hands themselves but have to wait for the dog to come to their hands.
  • Then the child can stroke the dog, but this must be done in a way that is not threatening to the dog. No stroking on the head or back, but under the chin or chest.
  • Teach children to behave quietly in the vicinity of dogs.

French Bulldog

This small, sturdy dog ​​is one lump of energy. Moreover, a French Bulldog is intelligent, loyal and patient with children.

French bulldog as family-dog

Unlike the English bulldog, we breed French bulldogs. The breed is stronger and healthier than an English bulldog.

This breed is on this list of the best family dog. Moreover, they snore when they sleep, that will certainly make the children laugh.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers need a lot of exercises, so only choose this breed if you have a lot of time to walk or play.

The Golden Retrievers are energetic, intelligent and cordial. They do not have highly developed watch instincts (but can sometimes be watchful), interact easily with other animals, and are good with children. It is an alert yet sensitive species. This breed can be enthusiastic and temperamental, while other dogs are more reserved.

This dog is considered sweet and impulsive. The Golden Retriever is a pleasant dog. They are quick, have an excellent sense of smell and are strongly active in any terrain and climate.

child-friendly golden retriever


This gentle breed won’t hurt a fly. They are loyal, kind and good with children.


One of our smallest dogs, with the biggest heart

or, instead of Pomeranian, a size bigger: the Keeshond

Poodle as a family dog

One of our smartest dogs, ideal for children with allergies.

Jack Russell

If the children respect him as their friend, it will also become their most loyal friend.

German shepherd

Very intelligent watchdog, can be with children if they consider him a friend.

Shiba inu

Hatchi, we know him from the movie. Faithful to his owner and the children. However, disciplined upbringing.

Short-haired Dachshunds

There are 3 types of Dachshunds: shaggy, short-haired and long-haired.
The short-haired is the softest in personality of the Dachshund types. Highly recommended for children.


Our Beaglets, very tolerant of children. And sporty!

Siberian husky

Not immediately everyone’s friend, but once he has won your trust: your best friend, also from the kids!


A buddy in between, a cross between 2 intelligent varieties!

Yorkshire Terrier

a playful friend

Which dog suits me?

Belgian dogs – Belgian puppies

Woefkesranch sells only Belgian puppies since 2016.

When you import puppies, they should be minimum 15 weeks.

when a puppy is really 15 weeks, you miss alot of the socialization of your puppy.

Our puppies, Belgian dogs, can leave the litter when they are 7 weeks old.

then that are 2 times vaccinated,

en multiple times dewormed with different products.

A closed company means also less bacteria and less viruses.

Healthier dogs, Happier owners !

Pano (Belgian consument TV) have made a documentary about the origin of puppies,

they filmed in our Belgian dog breeding.

You can watch the documentary below.

Belgische Hondjes Woefkesranch - Belgische hondjes - Pano

Buy a Dachshund puppie, adopt, adoption

Do you want to buy a Dachshund?
Are you interested in a Dachshund puppies or are you looking for an adult Dachshund?
Do you want a short-haired, rough-haired or long-haired?
A boy or a girl?
Do you want a dog from a shelter or do you choose a breeder of a Dwarf Dachshund?
This website provides useful information if you are looking for a Dachshund puppy from a trusted Dachshund breeder

Dachshund puppies or adult dog
Are you looking to buy a puppy?
Do you like Dachshunds and would you like to buy a puppy from an Approved Dachshund breeder?
Then keep in mind that you need time to train these puppies.
If you want to buy a puppy it is intended that you pay enough attention and time to the upbringing.
Are you looking for adult dogs for sale?
If you are more interested in an adult dog, there is a chance that the dog may need a re-education because he may have learned something the wrong way.
A dog school is then an ideal solution.

Look at pictures of our Dachshund puppies

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Buy healthy Dachshund dog!
The most important thing is that your Dachshund is healthy. Do you know the horror stories of sick puppies and exhausted breeding females that are exploited by bread breeders? Caution and common sense are not a superfluous luxury if you want to buy a nice, healthy Dachshund. Choose a recognized breeder. Visit Woefkesranch, specializing in Dachshunds. Buy your Dwarf Dachshund with puppy guarantee.

There are different categories of Dachshund Breeders:
• occasional breeders (a maximum of 2 litters of dogs and 2 litters of cats per year), which must not be recognized at this time
• from 3 litters of cats or 3 litters of dogs per year: the hobby breeders, the professional breeders and the breeders-traders, all of whom must be recognized.
Always ask for a puppy guarantee when purchasing your puppy. This is a two-year warranty period. If your dog falls ill or dies within a period of two years, the seller is obliged to reimburse you (since 2004 in accordance with the Civil Code).
If the seller does not want to give you a 2-year guarantee certificate, then definitely do NOT buy the animal from such a seller.

Buy your Dachshund @ Woefkesranch