List of questions before buying a dog! Royal decree of 27/04/2007

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Attachment IX to the Royal Decree of 27/04/2007

List of questions before buying a dog.


In order to help you make the right choice for your future dog,
please enter the following questionnaire, print and bring it to us when you visit us.


* Input required


Name + First Name:*

Street + Nr.:

Zip Code:


Telephone number:




Preferred Breed:*


Children present at home:


Are there pets present in the house?
If so, what kind?


How many hours per day will the animal be left at home alone:

Type of property:



Access to the garden:

Keeping of animals is permitted by the owner?

Where will the animal stay during the day? (free inside, free outside,
in a cage,...)

How do you intend to meet the exercise needs of your dog:

letting him loose in the garden, with daily walks, weekly walks...

What solution do you have for your dog when you go on holiday:

take him with you, let him stay with relatives, a hotel for dogs, a dog sitter...

Living with an animal may require significant efforts. Are you planning to follow training lessons with your dog (dog school or something else)?

If Yes, which ones?

From whom will you seek advice if the dog shows problem behavior that presents a risk for you and your environnemt, and that is your responsibility?

Are you planning to close a family insurance that can intervene when an accident is caused by your dog?



Are you, or someone in your family, allergic to a dog?*


Please fill in the questionnaire. The person responsible can then advise you on the purchase of a dog, based on your answers.