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What is the price of a Siberian Husky

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The price of a Siberian Husky is between 750 and 950 euro.

The Siberian Husky price depends on:

  • availability
  • age
  • color

Call us for the current prices: (+32)015 75 59 42

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Siberian Husky price

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For the actual Siberian husky price visit our Available siberian husky pups

Sometimes you find on sellingsites (kapaza, marktplaats, vivastreet, etc…) labrador retriever pups at very low prices. Most of the times these ads are from scammers.

How to recognize a scammer?

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  • you get a response email with a lot of spelling mistakes
  • the advertiser has no website
  • they only deliver the pups, you can’t go to pick them up yourself
  • you can pay with Western Union
  • After you payed the “low” costprice of the pup, they ask you to pay axtre money for customs, extra vaccins, …

Buying a Siberian Husky at Woefkesranch:

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  • a Siberian Husky pup
  • a Siberian Husky retriever pup who is vaccinated
  • a Siberian Husky pup who is dewormed
  • a Siberian Husky pup who has a microchip
  • a Siberian Husky pup with garantee
  • service after buying a pup: 24h/24h service for problems and questions
  • guidance with Siberian Husky parenting tips

Read the mails of our satisfied customers here

Our available Siberian Husky pups

WOEFKESRANCH International B.V.B.A.Verschueren-Dyck BTW BE 0436 258 191 Erk.Nr.: HK 1510 1339 Marleen en Erik Verschueren Slameuterstraat 29 2580 Putte België Tel: +32 (0)15 75 59 42 Fax:+32 (0)15 75 82 67

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