Small dogs, dog breeds up to 30 cm high

Looking for small dog breeds? On this page we provide more information about a small dog.

Perhaps you are immediately looking for a puppy? Then view our available puppies !

Small dogs are an ideal companion dog. The small dogs are usually very playful and affectionate dogs. This is therefore ideal for people with small children, older people, and actually almost every family!

Due to their size, you can also easily take them to the store, day trip, friends and family.

We sell some small dog breeds that were all born with us, so a Belgian dog. We breed the following breeds:

Collage of small dog breeds
Some small dog breeds

Benefits of a small dog

Most small dogs have a good character. They are very playful and sweet, so we are sure that you will have a lot of fun with a small dog.

Due to their size, they are of course easier to house than a “big loebas”. But you can also easily take them with you on a day trip, car trip or even plane trip.

Disadvantages of a small dog

Because such a dog remains small, it can be dangerous to trip over it. We therefore recommend that you ring the dog so that it always hears it coming.

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