What is the difference between a German Spitz, Dwarf Spitz, Small Spitz and Pomeranian?

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The German Spitz is a sturdy dog, recognizable by its beautiful abundant coat, its collar and bushy tail, its head is reminiscent of that of the fox and pointed ears. All this creates an elegant and playful look. The German Spitz is available in 5 different sizes from the largest (Wolf Spitz) to the smallest (Toy spitz, Pomeranian ), through the medium spitz. Sizes aside, the physical characteristics are essentially the same for all varieties. The pace is fluid and elastic in this breed.

Here is the difference between the German spitz, which looks like a small fox and Pomeranian which resembles a small bear, as we can see, the German has the longest ears and pointed muzzle and the longest end and fine-boned, fur with less hair. While among the Pomeranian the most prominent forehead, that called headed and shorter and shorter rounded muzzle and ears, a larger frame and a double coat, the undercoat that gives the volume and the long hair color called the pot. The small German spitz are less expensive.

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