What is the expected age of a Beagle?

Every breed of dog has an overall life expectancy. You should not forget that this is an average age. Much depends on the individual himself.

If a particular dog has any hereditary or breed specific health issues, it will affect its longevity quite a bit.

A beagle is a breed of dog with few breed-specific flaws. An extremely healthy breed!

But and the care of your beagle plays a huge role on the longevity of this breed. The following fact may surprise you: Some of the leading causes of death for a beagle are avoidable by their owners.

The beagle has an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

Beagle vs other breeds

The beagle’s longevity is fairly typical compared to other dog breeds. Some breeds have a very short lifespan compared to the beagle. For example, an Irish Wolfhound has an average life expectancy of 6 to 8

Main causes of death

A 20-year study conducted by the University of Georgia examined the leading causes of death among dog breeds, including beagle. There were 82 dog breeds and 74,566 were in the database they used.

Causes of death of beagle puppies


The most common cause of death in puppies is infection. Infections are common in dog stores where bacteria from different breeders congregate.

At Woefkesranch we breed all dogs ourselves. This guarantees a closed company. As a result, we have ruled out all infections lately!

Infections include:

  • Parvovirus (a highly contagious disease that can spread quickly among puppies)
  • distemper (an often deadly virus with no known cure)
  • bacterial infections
  • leptospirosis (a bacterial infection affecting the liver, kidneys, central nervous system and eyes)

Trauma or accident

In beagle puppies, this includes:

  • Lose weight somewhere like down the stairs
  • Something heavy falls on the puppy
  • the puppy is hit by a car

Other accidents can also occur.

congenital disease

This includes all diseases and health problems that are passed on genetically and through birth defects. These are, for example, liver shunts and heart defects.

Many congenital problems can be prevented by proper breeding methods. At Woefkesranch we are working on this.

The leading causes of death among adult Beagles

Cancer, 23.1%. This was not surprising, as cancer is the leading cause of death in all but 11 breeds. The majority only get this after an age of 10 years

Trauma, 16%. This second leading cause of death with Beagles is unfortunate, as it can usually be avoided. And of all breeds, the Beagle placed #12.
This includes being hit by a car, accidentally stepping on or tripping (as in the case of puppies), being fatally injured during activity, and being killed as a passenger in a car.

Neurological, 13%. This includes brain and spinal cord diseases such as IDD or IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) which can lead to paralysis, fatal strokes, tick paralysis, seizures, encephalitis (brain inflammation usually caused by viral infections), and tumors of the spinal cord or brain.
In addition, CCD (cognitive impairment in dogs), a condition that affects older dogs, is included in the category.

Next, we’ll discuss certain milestones that occur throughout a Beagle’s life.

Milestones in the life of a beagle

Birth to 1 Year Old: During this time, your Beagle will be in the short span and rapid growth phase of his or her life expectancy. This is puppy year and during this time your pup will have a rapid growth spurt. The round puppy look will become a slimmer look.

1-7 years: Your Beagle is now becoming an adolescent and adult. The exact transition from teen to adult is not really clear and varies from dog to dog.

Some say your beagle is mature at 1 year. Others say he doesn’t mature until two years old because he can still show puppy manners before that

To be continued…

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