Where can I find a Beagle breeder?

Are you looking for a recognized Beagle breeder, but you can’t see the trees for the woods anymore?
After reading this article you will know where to buy a Beagle!
You have different types of Beagle breeders, the different breeders will be discussed in more detail.

You should preferably buy a beagle puppy from a dog breeder. A breeder shows the mother and has well cared for puppies. A breeder has a lot of professional knowledge and knows how to inform you well.

Professional Beagle breeders

Some pictures of Beagle puppies from our archive.

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The professional Beagle breeder breeds beagles on a professional basis . He also receives regular checks from the government and animal welfare, so they must always be in order .

In addition, they are obliged to provide a written guarantee when selling a Beagle puppy. Because they are professionally engaged in breeding, they have more experience with breeding puppies. Which also allows them to give more advice about the Beagle .

Woefkesranch is a professional Beagle breeder.
We provide a 24/7 service to all our customers,
customers can always contact us with their questions after their purchase.
Woefkesranch has been a point of contact for your puppies for almost 30 years.

beagle seller

A seller buys puppies and then sells them back. Usually these puppies come from abroad.

This is where puppies come and go, which can of course be dangerous for bacteria.
If you want a Belgian beagle , it is better to buy directly from the breeder .

Hobby breeder of Beagles

A hobby breeder usually has very few dogs he breeds with. He or she also has less experience breeding puppies in most cases.

Because he sells few puppies, you will read few complaints about him. For example: 1 sick puppy in 10 bred dogs per year, is already 10% problems.

Step-by-step plan for finding a beagle breeder

How you find a beagle breeder really depends on person to person. One likes to ask within his contacts whether they do not know a breeder. The other immediately searches the internet. Whatever your preference, below I’ll give you the steps to find a beagle.

1. Speak to a beagle owner

If you see someone walking with a beagle, talk to him. Ask where his beagle comes from, of course, but don’t forget to ask deeper questions, too.

Questions you can ask are:

  • Where does that beagle come from?
  • Does the beagle come from a breeder or a shop?
  • Were you able to visit the mother?
  • Have there been any problems with the dog or breeder?

Ask the questions you think are the most important, most dog owners like to talk about their dog.

2. Make a list of breeders

Google is often the best friend they say. Then use your best friend to look for a beagle breeder.

When selecting a breeder, it is important to look for the positive and negative experiences. A larger breeder will always have both. You can also choose to contact a beagle club or Woefkesranch .

The well-known breeders like us, for example, unfortunately get bad comments from people who have heard say from other people. Unfortunately people who have never been in our breeding.

The intention is of course to find a breeder with the best possible average reviews. Woefkesranch has an average review score of 4.3 with 396 reviews. Excellent!

Make a list of your favorite breeder.

3. Visit every breeder on your list

Once you’ve found a list of breeders, it’s time to visit them.

Pay attention to the following points with the breeder.

  • Can you visit the mother (puppies have to stay with their mother until 8 weeks, if that is not the case then you should be very hesitant)
  • Are the dogs clean?
  • Do you get answers to your questions?
  • Question behind the purchase process
  • Do you trust what you see and hear?

If you have found the breeder where you want to buy a beagle, tell them. Maybe you will go home that day with a beagle, maybe you just have to be patient.

If you’ve gone through every breeder on your list and are still not satisfied, come to Woefkesranch ;). Or do you start back from the beginning.


Actually, you should buy a Beagle in confidence. Go in enough places to see how the dogs are sitting there, going to look costs nothing. If you see things at the Beagle breeder that are not possible, delete that breeder from your list

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