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A crate is a metal foldable cage, which you can close with one or two doors. A crate is a useful aid in raising your Dachshund puppy such as housetraining. Also, your puppy can’t bite anything if you lock him in his crate when you’re gone.

When used correctly, many dogs will regard their crate as their safe place, a place they can relax for a while.

Do I need a separate crate for a puppy and adult Dachshund?

No, it is not necessary, if you choose a crate for an adult dachshund, your puppy will certainly be able to fit in it.

It is important that you reduce his crate so that there is less room for a puppy. If there is too much space in the crate, your puppy will relieve itself in one corner and sleep in the other corner. You can make it smaller by putting a box in part of his crate, for example.

Which crate for your Dachshund puppy?

It is therefore not necessary to purchase a separate crate for your puppy. Would you rather do this? Then read on.

A dachshund is a light and small breed of dog , at 2 months it weighs between 1.5 and 4 kg. So that includes a small, cute bench.

bench dachshund

This bench of the brand Adori has a size of 47 x 30 x 37 cm. It is a good and affordable bench. Click here for the most recent price on Bol.com

This metal bench has a black coating and a plastic removable slide. This makes it easy to clean if your puppy has had an accident. The crate has two doors, one at the front and one at the side. Each door has a sturdy sliding lock.

The bench can be folded into a flat package of approximately 47 x 30 x 10 cm, making it easy to carry. An affordable bench with a good price/quality ratio.

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Which crate for an adult dachshund?

An adult dachshund is of course a bit bigger and heavier than a puppy. An adult Dachshund Dachshund weighs between 4 and 7 kg. But a standard Dachshund can weigh up to 13 kg. There would be no room left in the dachshund puppy crate .

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Give your adult Dachshund a little more space to stretch out with this “adult” crate. This bench in size S has a size of 62 x 44 x 50 cm. It is suitable for dogs between 5-15 kilos. Is your Dachshund on the large side and weighs 15 pounds or more? Then you better take this bench in size M. ( click here for the bench in size M 76 x 46 x 51 cm )

The bench is made of metal with a black coating and has two doors, one at the front and one at the side. The bench is easy to fold, so you can transport it. The sturdy bottom tray is removable, so you can easily clean it.

Heavy duty bench for Dachshund

Does your Dachshund like to break out or break down? Even these little dogs can become very strong if they set their sights on something. Then the standard bench is not sufficient. This heavy-duty bench is a better and safer option.

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This extra strong bench is slightly larger than the aforementioned bench, namely 79 x 53 x 61 cm. The bench is made of metal with anthracite/grey epoxy coating and has a plastic bottom plate. This plate is removable.

The bench is also equipped with wheels and therefore easy to move without causing damage.

The bench is a lot more durable than the regular bench, but of course that also comes with a higher price. View the most recent price on Bol.com here .

Travel bench for your Dachshund

A travel crate is super useful if you have to go to the vet or if you go to dog shows a lot, for example. Or just if you travel a lot with your dachshund.

This sturdy travel bench from Topmast is of high quality. The size L is suitable for dogs of 10-18 kilos.

The bench is available in different colours: blue, red and beige. The bench has a size of 70 x 52 x 52 cm and is made of a sturdy, metal frame and a strong nylon fabric.

You can unzip the bench on two sides, the front and the side. You can open extra ventilation on each side.

The bag is easy to fold into a small, flat package. It hardly takes up any space when it needs to be stored. The bag has two sturdy handles and an extra bag for accessories.

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How do you get your dog in the crate?

If your dachshund is not yet used to a crate, you still need to teach him. Start by leaving the crate door open. Put some toys and treats in it so that you lure him in. When you see that your Dachshund is familiar with his crate, you can slowly close the door. Very short at first, then a little longer.

The crate is best in a quiet place, somewhere in a corner. Preferably where your dog can keep an eye on you in the meantime. Some dogs like to have a rug over the crate as well, so that it becomes a close and secure place.

How long can a Dachshund puppy be in the crate?

A puppy has to urinate much more often than an adult dog. For this reason, a puppy cannot last that long in the crate. Below and rough guideline:

Up to 10 weeks – 30-60 minutes

11 – 16 weeks – 1-4 hours

After 17 weeks – 4-5 hours

It can be longer, but then the chance of an accident is high.


I hope this gives you enough information and tips to find a good crate for your sweet Dachshund. Good luck!

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